Video of the Day: BTS Just One Day MV + Live Performance on Kiss The Radio

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I sometimes wonder how can I possibly fall in love with so many K-pop groups at the same time. Is that a special skill I have developed over the years of listening to K-pop? Or am I simply so shallow that I let myself be swayed by the pretty faces of idol stars? Eh, who knows? 

This time I've found myself obsessing over BTS aka Bangtan Boys (though I always pronounce their band name as Behind the Scenes in my mind, ha), a rookie boy group that debuted in last year's summer. Though I didn't pay much attention to them before, I was well aware that they we're being received pretty well because of their rapping and dancing skills. I had a listen to their 2nd single "We Are Bulletproof" when it came out, but since the song didn't quite do it for me I forgot about the group for a while.

However, last week BTS released a music video for "Just One Day" from their first album, which came out in February, and as soon as I watched it I was hooked. The music video is very simple, with a bit of dancing and some pretty shots of the members, but it's so sweet and it will probably make you fall in love with these boys in a second. And the song is lovely.

The boys also sang the song live on KBS Cool FM's radio program Kiss The Radio and I am so in love with this performance, even though it's such a simple one without any costumes or choreography. I just love hearing their voices live. I have to say, the rappers of this group are really amazing, at least for a K-pop group. Especially Rap Monster whose rap sequence is so nuanced and fast. But I also love the vocalists' sweet voices which compliment the raps perfectly. Jin's vocals sounded the most beautiful to me in this performance, though. I hope they'll be singing the song in upcoming music shows too, cause I just can't get enough of it.

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  1. I love these guys, they're awesome, and so much fun. Jin is my favourite, he's so pretty and he nodded at me when I was at M!Countdown and i'm basically in love with him now. Apparently all I need is a bit of attention and you've got me for life...

    1. Omg, Jin nodded at you! Aww...I wish that had been me (those ridiculous wishes of a K-pop fan, ha XD XD) I think Jin's my favourite too, he seems really sweet in the videos. Plus, he's only 7 months younger than me, so :D


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