Posters, Stills and Highlights for the Upcoming My Girl Reunion in Hotel King

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I'm surprised how excited I am for the upcoming MBC weekend drama Hotel King. Okay no...I am not surprised because after all this drama is going to reunite one of my favourite on screen pairings once more - Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae. While My Girl doesn't hold up to today's standards in all respects, it is still one of my sentimental favourites and it's mostly because of the awesome chemistry between the main leads. 

The thing is, I LOVED Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae back in the day and for a short time I thought of them as my favourite actors. But after My Girl, neither of them really took on dramas that I would've liked and over time I lost interest in their work. Even if I did watch them in other shows, I was disappointed with lack of screen presence or I simply didn't like the roles. So this is the first time for years (and I mean years) that I'm actually looking forward to seeing either of them in a new series. 

Anyways, finally the stills and posters for the drama have been released, along with press conference photos. I quite like the concept for the poster, though I'm a little freaked out by Lee Da Hee's plastic doll appearance. At least, Lee Dong Wook looks much better now. He looked scary thin when I last saw him in Running Man's Asia Race episodes.   

We also got a highlights video which is basically a long preview that combines all we've seen in previous teasers. Though I'm still a bit worried about the melo aspect of the drama, the teaser trailers put my heart a bit more to rest as they promise us some comedy as well. ALSO, Lee Da Hae's character seems quite reminiscent of the spunky fake-heiress Yoo Rin she played in My Girl, only this time she actually is a heiress. Some compare her character to Cheon Song Yi (Man From Another Star), while I rather get Yeo Chi (History of Salaryman) vibes from her, though without the profanities. Meanwhile, Lee Dong Wook looks reserved and serious which is reminding me of his character Dong Chan in My Girl. So not only does the story take place in a hotel like My Girl did, the main characters also seem to be very similar. The only difference is that this story is going to be about the hero's revenge against the heroine's father and this obviously means melodramatic developments. I could do without those, but I'm so grateful for a My Girl reunion that I wouldn't dare to ask for more.

However, I'm planning going to approach Hotel King with caution. First of all, it's going to be long (Asianwiki tells me the show's 32 episodes) and you all know I don't like to commit to long series. Plus, I haven't had very good experiences with weekend dramas so far. But I will be checking it out, in case it turns out to be decent.

Hotel King airs on April 5th.

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