Goo Hye Sun Shows Off Her New Look for Sure

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wow! I can hardly recognize Goo Hye Sun in these pictures from her recent photo shoot with Sure magazine, where she looks so cool and yet really gorgeous at the same time. It's definitely a nice transformation from her previous dark-haired look - and I love it.

Hye Sun is set to make her first small screen appearance in two years in the new weekend drama Angel Eyes (after the childhood part is over) where she steps in the role of an emergency 119 worker. I'm not sure whether I'll be checking out the drama, but I am curious whether Hye Sun has toned down her exaggerated acting during her two-year break from dramas. I sincerely hope she has, for the sake of those who are watching Angel Eyes.

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  1. I know! When I first saw these pics I was like whoa, are you sure that's Goo Hye-sun? A lot sultrier that I last remember.

    1. It's a great look for her. Kind of nonchalant and effortless, but somehow also sexy.

  2. She looks better in her high school photo


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