Kang Ha Neul for BNT International, Elle and Singles

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

In case you were starting to forget (not that anyone could ever do that) how handsome Kang Ha Neul is, here are his three wonderful photo shoots with BNT International, Elle and Singles
It's a good thing we're going to see Kang Ha Neul in April when drama Angel Eyes airs, because even though it has not been long since The Heirs, I already miss him in dramaland.

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  1. I have only begun to pay attention to him since noticing him in (the God-Awful) Korean Drama, "Heirs," but Kang Ha Neul has begun to fascinate and hold my attentions. After watching several of his other small roles, I have come to observe some of his qualities. He is a terrific actor- able to blend both realism and a heightened sense of angst into his characters. He is physically handsome (my, is he ever!) and even attractively (and rarely seen in K-Dramaland…) masculine, but not the IN YOUR FACE type of physicality and masculinity that can be so off-putting. Also, he seems somewhat… vulnerable. But maybe that is something that I sense that is not really there? Hm. Either way, I expect great things from him. Here is wishing him the best!

    Keep up the great work Kang Ha-Neul!

    1. I like him a lot as well. I still think his acting could use a lot of work, but he's doing well enough and I'm curious how he's gonna plan his career. I'm not sure whether he's ready for a leading role right now, but I think he should get a bigger role in a drama where he's not going to play a high schooler. I love high school dramas, but I think he's growing out of those.

      And you're totally right about him being attractively masculine. He looks youthful and handsome, but he's not really the flower boy type. And I really like his jawline :D


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