It's Okay, It's Love Cast Confirmed

Friday, March 21, 2014

The leading cast consisting of Gong Hyo Jin, Jo In Sung, Lee Kwang Soo, D.O. (EXO) and Sung Dong Il for the upcoming melo-romcom (yeah, I don't what that means either) It's Okay, It's Love is finally confirmed. Writer Noh Hee Kyung and director Kim Kyu Tae team up once again for this project, having previously worked together for That Winter, The Wind Blows, Padam Padam and Worlds Within

I'm fairly familiar with Noh and Kim's dramas - I've seen half of Padam, a bit of Winter, and a snippet of Worlds. I can't say I felt particularly invested in any of them, but I do like Noh's approach to her characters. Plus, Padam and Winter were gorgeously filmed. What makes me worry, however, is that I've heard people say that both Padam and Winter ended disappointingly. I bailed out before I reached the latter half of either series, so I wouldn't know for myself, but this is something to be concerned about.

Curiously enough, the drama already has it's first scandal. Yeah. Apparently, GT Production that's behind the drama is caught in a product placement controversy with a big amount of money involved (read more in detail at Dramabeans). It's pretty strange for something like this to happen when the drama hasn't even started airing yet. I just hope it won't affect the production too much, because I am actually quite interested in this show. 

The drama is said to be focusing on psychology and touch upon mental illnesses, which is kinda of a new thing in dramaland. There have been dramas before where characters (usually male) can be seen as suffering from certain mental disorders. Like Kang Ji Hwan's obsessive compulsive character in Coffee House, and actually in Lie To Me as well. Also, the hero played by Ji Sung in Protect the Boss had a fear of crowded places (agoraphobia), and Hyun Bin's character suffered from claustrophobia in Secret Garden. Meanwhile, depression was briefly addressed in Me Too, Flower. But so far I don't think there has been a drama that uses mental issues as a central theme for the story.

Anyways, it has been revealed that Jo In Sung's character will be a mystery writer and radio DJ with OCD, while Gong Hyo Jin will play a first-year fellow in psychiatry whose first love, a psychiatrist in the hospital, is played by - wait for it - Sung Dong Il. That's...quite an odd choice, isn't it? EXO's D.O. will take the role of a high schooler who's aiming towards becoming a novelist, while Lee Kwang Soo's character works at a cafe and suffers from Tourette's syndrome. I have to admit, the cast sure does appeal to me. 

Not much else has been revealed about the characters yet, but they sound quite peculiar and there is an interesting set up. I can't deny that I am intrigued by the subject matter, so I'll probably check out the drama even if I might not stick with it in the end. 

It's Okay It's Love is set to air sometime in the summer. 

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