Big Bang is Preparing for a Summer Comeback!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

For realzies this time! At least I sincerely hope so, but you can never be too sure with YG who keeps trolling us and pushes back the comeback dates for his artists (seriously, YG, stop playing us). 

Let's just say that I've been waiting for Big Bang's return for a long time and the solo releases (though nice in their own way) weren't really what I wanted. I miss Big Bang together and I was kinda getting worried that their time as a group is starting to expire (yeah I know, I hate myself for saying that out loud). Because let's be honest, all of the members seem to be doing really well with their solo projects that they might not want to be tied down in a group when they can have a career of their own. Of course, none of the members has said anything about the group disbanding. My speculations were only stemming from the concern that it has been two years since their last album. For all we know, the boys may continue as a group for a long time, even if they keep doing their solo projects on the side (kinda like Shinhwa). Who knows for sure, really?

But then there's the other thing...military service. And I can't brush this off as easily like I did before ("Military? Nah, no need to worry about it now. They've got plenty of time.") because the members are nearing that age where they need to start preparing their enlistment plans. And...T.O.P., as the eldest, will probably be the first to go T_T 

It's possible that after Big Bang's comeback, currently roughly scheduled for the summer, some of the oldest members might start thinking about enlisting. I've been thinking about it for quite some time and because Big Bang's comeback has been pushed back several times, it seems more and more plausible. We all know that the best time to enlist (to maintain your popularity and to ensure projects for when you come back from the military) is after releasing an album, or doing a movie/drama. T.O.P. recently did Commitment/Alumni and should be in the midst of filming Tazza 2, so after Big Bang's summer album it might be the perfect time for him.

I dunno how many of you think the same way, but I recently watched a video by Hugh and Nichola from My Korean Husband called "When Will Big Bang Do Their Military Service?" and they also seemed to think that it's likely that some members will enlist after their comeback. But I guess we don't know anything for certain yet. 

In any case, I am still glad that Big Bang will be making their return as one group, finally. Although they each have their personal talents that they do well with on their own, I've always thought that they're one of the few K-pop groups where the voices of each of the members compliment each other so well to create their own sound for the band. Sorta like five different puzzle pieces that form a perfect whole together. That's why I feel that each of the members is important because without one of them Big Bang's music would simply feel incomplete. 

I guess I can't really stop myself from getting my expectations for their comeback too high up. I just sincerely hope that I won't be disappointed because I've missed Big Bang so much (please be a good album!). Like honestly, I haven't got any songs from them to listen to because I've replayed them millions of times already. I NEED new material.

So yeah, I am excited as hell. 

And YG, could you forget about PSY for a moment and focus on Big Bang. You promised this comeback for us, so you better deliver!

Cause I just miss these dorks.

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  1. I've never lived through a Bigbang comeback before. :O I was just late enough onto the Kpop scene that I missed the last one. Omgomg I'm going to need to prepare myself... ~~!@!!

    1. Oh, really? Then you get to experience this in a very special way :D Let's just hope that YG won't push the date back and that the album will be a good one.

  2. I definitely miss them as a group, i'm looking forward to their comeback. I have no faith in YG though so i'm just gonna be happy when I see them, and not anticipate them, lol. I don't know how GD will have (or has had) the time to write the songs and produce them though.

    1. I do trust GD in the sense that he always seems to put a lot of effort in producing and writing the songs (even if I don't like all of them), but I really need to calm myself down a bit in case this comeback isn't going to be as magnificent as I am imagining it to be in my head. Mostly I'm just getting excited about seeing the band working together again. But knowing YG I think there's a big chance he'll try to delay the comeback a few times in the meantime...


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