Drama Year 2013: Between Wor(L)ds Drama Awards

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Welcome back to Between Wor(L)ds Drama Awards - the most random award event that has ever existed. Yes, yet another drama year has gone by and another set of awards and titles need to be given out to the best of the best (or worst of the worst) in 2013. 

So, without any further ado...

[WARNING! SPOILER ALERT for the dramas that aired in 2013 (particularly for Answer Me 1994, Goddess of Fire, Mi Rae's Choice).]




Nam Soon and Heung Soo (School 2013) - Who said this wasn't a romance drama? I could almost swear this was more than just platonic bromance.


Haitai and Samcheonpo (Answer Me/Reply 1994) - This unlikely pair of boys make the funniest bromantic couple this year.

Enrique and Jin Rak (Flower Boy Next Door) - Though technically love rivals, these two just couldn't resist their bromantic attraction.

Garbage/Trash Oppa and Binggeure (Answer Me/Reply 1994) - Another bromance story that I wish had blossomed into real romance. I feel for you, Binggeure.

Oh Soo and Jin Sung (That Winter, The Wind Blows) - Beautiful brolove between two conmen.

Shi Hyun and Soo (Heartless City) - These bromantic soulmates were literally willing to kill for each other.

Tan and Won (The Heirs) - The bromance that never really happened...

Tan and Young Do (The Heirs) - ...and ex-bros who never really got back together... 

Tan and Hyo Shin (The Heirs) - ...but at least we got this lovely bro crush instead.




Madame Han and Hee Nam (The Heirs) - A locked-up mistress and her mute housemaid who, against all odds, found soulmates in each other and became sisters (and in-laws) for life. 


Eun Sang and Bo Na (The Heirs) - Bo Na would definitely protest being called friends, but we know better.

Jin Sook and Soo Min (Heartless City) - I wish Jin Sook was my unnie.

Future Mi Rae and Mi Rae (Mi Rae's Choice) -  Proof that you are your own best friend (though, in this case, also your own worst enemy).

Se Yi and  Eun Ha (Monstar) - Not even one cocky idol boy can come between these BFFs.

Kang Joo and Ha Kyung (School 2013) - These girls know that high school's tough. Can't survive it unless your bestie has your back.

Soon Shin, Yoo Shin and Hye Shin (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin!) - There's nothing more powerful than the affection between sisters...but I'd advise you not getting between them when they're fighting. 



Everybody wins. 

Lee Sang Yoon (Goddess of Fire)

Lee Seung Gi (Gu Family Book)

Jung Kyung Ho (Heartless City)

Lee Jong Suk (I Hear Your Voice)

Kang Ha Neul (Monstar)

Yoo Yun Suk (Answer Me 1994)

Jung Woo (Answer Me 1994)

Lee Min Ho (The Heirs)

Kim Woo Bin (The Heirs)

Song Seung Heon (When A Man Loves)



No winners: 
They all finished last.

Jin Rak (Flower Boy Next Door) - It's KIM freaking JI HOON! You don't put Kim Ji Hoon in a second lead role! You just don't.

Master (Cyrano Dating Agency) - This is the best our Chunderella has ever looked, how can you not make use of that? What a waste.

Young Do (The Heirs) - Well, maybe if you're into bullies. But it's also Kim Woo Bin so... 

Kang Woo (The Master's Sun) - Yoon Jae, you just became HOT!

Se Joo (Mi Rae's Choice/Marry Him If You Dare) - Se Joo was like a gift from the heavens. Well, before he became clingy and annoying.

Kim Shin (Mi Rae's Choice/Marry Him If You Dare) - Whatever. Your loss, Mi Rae.

Chilbongie (Answer Me/Reply 1994) - *cries* Wh-uh-uh-uh-yyy? Whyyyyy? WHY?! (Team Chilbongie foreveeer!)

Tae Do (Goddess of Fire) - Maybe not exactly a second lead but he might as well have been, considering that nobody got the girl. Except that he kinda did, in real life, I mean. 

Sad Eyes/Hot Ghost Guy/Whatshisnameagain (Who Are You?) - He's dead, he says nothing at all, and yet, he's the most perfect thing ever. 

Sun Woo (Monstar) - Maybe if you had taken your shirt off. Yunno...it worked for Nana.

Gon (Gu Family Book) - I'm sorry, Gon, but with that thing on your head you don't stand a chance.

Kwan Woo (I Hear Your Voice) - I guess the Harry Potter glasses didn't do the trick, huh?

David (Bel Ami/Pretty Man) - Maybe you weren't pretty enough? 




Noona-Killer Kiss (Potato Star) - *fans herself* Is that even legal? Jin Goo, maybe you could also give some tips to Park Shin Hye-noona.


Awkward Rooftop Kiss (The Heirs) - Uh...not to burst your romantic bubble, Tan, but it looks like she's touching something gross.

Exorcism Kiss (The Master's Sun) - It would have been better without the total denial afterwards. Oh well...

Drunken Kiss #1(Answer Me 1994) - Too bad they were all too drunk to realise how swoonworthy this was.

Drunken Kiss #2 (Answer Me 1994) - Oppa-ya, you have no idea what that kiss meant to him.

Drunken Kiss #3(Answer Me 1994) - Whaddya mean it wasn't a real kiss? I'm totally counting it as one.

Dead-Boyfriend-Watching Kiss (Who Are You?) - But...but...Sad Eyes is right there and he can see you!

Dream Kiss (Mi Rae's Choice) - Was it a dream? An alternative reality? We may never know. But if it never even happened, it was a huge waste of two pairs of kissable lips.

Kiss on the Stairs (Monstar) - Yet all I remember is the two snails.

Forceful Kiss (Secret) - The guy technically sexually assaulting the girl while a romantic ballad is playing. Yeeaah...not exactly okay with this.

Restaurant Kiss (Heartless City) - The best thing about this kiss is what follows next. If you know what I mean...

Blue Twinkles Kiss (Gu Family Book) - Twinkle-twinkle, smooch-smooch. 

 Confession Kiss (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Well, about time.




Sad Eyes/Hot Ghost Guy/Whatshisname/Hyung Joon (Who Are You) - DUH! No contest here. 

No nominees




Young Do (The Heirs) - Okay, I get that you're emotionally damaged. But dude, you can't bully a girl into liking you!


Jung Ho (School 2013) - Come on, Jung Ho, you know there's more important things in life than being the bully in high school.

Jae Rok (Monstar) - Of course, then there are some kids whose only achievement in life is being the bully in high school.




Every spy in 7th Level Civil Servant - Incompetence and lack of common sense is not something to be celebrated, especially since you are the WORST spies in the history of pretty much everything.


Soo Yeon (IRIS 2) - You do know that the snow is white and you're wearing black? Maybe you should look up the word "camouflage" in a dictionary.

Soo Min (Heartless City) - Black tight clothes with six-inch platform heels(!!!) for a drug exchange..in broad daylight..in a zoo..during summer? Seriously, Soo Min? SERIOUSLY?




 Garbage (Answer Me/Reply 1994) - Oppa who turns out to be a whole different kind of oppa, but is still the best oppa in the world.


Won (The Heirs) - Okay, he's as cuddly as a cactus and most of the time he just avoids his little brother, but he does make up for it later on. Kinda. A little bit.

Joo Hyun (Mi Rae's Choice) - This big bro had to deal with two Mi Rae's at once. Mad props to you, oppa.

Eun Chang/Shin Woo (Sirius) - One of the twin brothers is always evil and the other one's good, right? Question is, how do you tell the difference between them?




Samcheonpo and Yoon Jin (Answer Me 1997) - Is it too much to say that they're the best couple in the whole show?


Bo Na and Chan Young (The Heirs) - These two are so sweet that you might just get diabetes from watching them.

Kang Woo and Little Tae Yang (The Master's Sun) - I request a spin-off with these two, please!

Jin Sung and (That Winter The Wind Blows) - Thank you, drama gods, for the cute to distract us from the melo.

Bread Man and Hye Shin (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin!) - Na Jung does not approve.

Yoo Shin and Chan Woo (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin!) - But don't forget the third party in this relationship - the chicken ahjumma.

Wacky Webtoon Manager and Dong Hoon (Flower Boy Next Door) - Every wacky insomniac needs her own dorky knight in shining armor.

Won and Hyun Joo (The Heirs) - But where's their happy ending?! Everyone else got one... 




Jun Ho (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Dorky CEO. Master of the art of tripping and awkward stuttering.


Samcheonpo (Answer Me 1994) - Dorky country bumpkin. Master of the art of pettiness.

Kwan Woo (I Hear Your Voice) - Dorky lawyer. Master of the art of over-enthusiasm and earnestness.

Jin Rak (Flower Boy Next Door) - Dorky webtoon artist. Master of the art of not-making-a-move.

Bread Man (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Dorky baker. Master of the art making bad first impressions.

Myung Soo (The Heirs) - Dorky blabbermouth. Master of the art of accidental secret-spilling.




Tan vs Young Do (The Heirs) - Best friends make best enemies. 


Big Tae Yang vs Little Tae Yang (The Master's Sun) - Frenemies 4 life!

Jin Rak vs Enrique (Flower Boy Next Door) - But two can't be rivals if the one sees it as a start of a beautiful friendship.

Seol Chan vs Sun Woo - Oh yes, the age-old question: who saw her first?

Hye Sung vs Do Yeon (I Hear Your Voice) - These girls took their feud to court. Literally.

Shi Hyun vs Safari (Heartless City) - Friends or foes?




 Bo Tong (Bel Ami/Pretty Man) - Peculiar doesn't even begin to cover it. 


Se Yi (Monstar) - Seriously, Se Yi, what's up with the sheep?

Tae Yang/Tae Gong Sil (The Master's Sun) - It's not the seeing-dead-people part that makes you weird, it's you're-weird part that makes you weird. 

Hyo Shin (The Heirs) - Yeah, dude, I don't think your suicide attempt is the right topic for small-talk.

Wacky Webtoon PD (Flower Boy Next Door) - This what happens when you don't get enough sleep.

David (Bel Ami/Pretty Man) - I'm still wondering why would anyone buy a hat that comes with real hair?

 Yoon Jin (Answer Me 1994) - What she lacks in size, she makes up in quirkiness.

Na Jung (Answer Me 1994) - I think the picture speaks for itself.




Shi Hyun (Heartless City) - The gangster whose dad is a doctor.


 Oh Soo (That Winter, The Wind Blows) - The gangster who flirts with his sister.

Tae Sang (When A Man Loves) - The gangster who's in love.

Master (Cyrano Dating Agency) - The gangster with secrets.

Tae San (Two Weeks) - The gangster with bad time-management skills.


 BEST BED SCENE (No, not that kind of bed scene) 


Tae Yang and Joong Won (The Master's Sun) - Who would have known that ghosts are the best excuse for skinship.

Jun Ho and Soon Shin (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Tell me you didn't have a big goofy smile on your face during this scene. 

Soo and Young (That Winter, The Wind Blows) - Guuuurl, I know you want to be close with your brother but...you need therapy.

Garbage and Na Jung and Chilbong (Answer Me 1994) - A threesome? Never would have thought we'd see one of these in a K-drama.

Haitai and Samcheonpo (Answer Me 1994) - Sorry, but this obviously belongs here.

Nam Soon and Heung Soo (School 2013) - This too.

Soo Min and Shi Hyun (Heartless City) - Although I'm not sure how this got here...I was trying to keep things PG.




Sung family (Answer Me 1994) - A peculiar family indeed, but in the best way possible. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to be born in the Sung family in their next life. 


Choi family (Empire of Gold) - The members of this family were united by love...love for power, that is.

Lee family (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Yeah, on second thought, maybe family's overrated...

Choi family (The Heirs) - Totally overrated.

Kim family (The Heirs) - WAAAAAAAYY overrated! 




Enrique (Flower Boy Next Door) - He has so much aegyo that you almost want to puke rainbows and unicorns. 

No nominees




Tae Yang/Gong Shil (The Master's Sun) - The cutest ghost-seeing Candy you'll ever know.

No nominees




 Tae Yang/Gong Shil (The Master's Sun) - Power to see dead people AND to use it as the perfect excuse to touch random hot guys. Yeah, I could totally see myself making use of that ability.

Daddy Gumiho (Gu Family Book) - Power to have gorgeous sageuk hair?

Kang Chi (Gu Family Book) - Power to turn into a low-cost version of hulk.

Soo Ha (I Hear Your Voice) - Power to hear people's annoying thoughts all the frickin' time.

Si On (Who Are You) - Power to see dead people and make big buggy eyes.

Sun Woo (Nine) - Power to travel in time, only to realize he shouldn't have done that in the first place.

Future Mi Rae (Mi Rae's Choice) - Power to ruin her younger self's love life. 




 Min Joon Kook (I Hear Your Voice) -  Thanks, man. "I'll Be There" now is officially the scariest song ever.


Young Do's dad (The Heirs) - I'm sorry for being so harsh on you, Young Do. I didn't know psychopathy runs in the family.

Moon Il Seok (Two Weeks) - If you ain't got the wits, you make up for it in murder. Bloody bloody murder.

Do Hoon (Secret) - The emoest murderer of them all.




 Daddy Gumiho (Gu Family Book) - Because he's the most betrayed gumiho.


Soo Jin (Two Weeks) - Because she's the cutest cancer patient.

Bo Na (The Heirs) - Because she's the prettiest in the world.

Joo Hyun (Mi Rae's Choice) - Because he's the most overprotective oppa.

Hot Ghost Guy (Who Are You) - Because he's the most tragic ghost.

Bread Man (You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin) - Because he's the kindest ex-con.

Yi Ryung (The Master's Sun) - Because she's the vainest celebrity.




Random Surfer Dude (The Heirs) - Let's just pray we won't see him in 2014. Or ever.

No nominees

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  1. What an insanely great post. (And why couldn't Young Do bully Eun Sang into liking him? Kim Tan did!)

    Indeed, we are all winners ;)

    1. Thanks :)

      True, Tan also did his share of bullying and sometimes his way of bullying Eun Sang was even worse. But I still can't let Young Do off the hook.

  2. Daddy Gumiho for the win! For the win of everything. He just wins.

    1. Haha XD I guess it's safe to say you're a fan of his.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! I giggled and grinned through this entire post, Indigo! And I haven't even watched all the dramas you mentioned. But this was just so much fun, thank you! :D And yes, please let us never set eyes or ears on Random Surfer Dude. Ever. Again. XD

    1. Thank you, Kfangurl :) I'm glad it was fun to read.

  4. Oh this is a beautiful list. :D

    I wonder if that surfer dude knows just how legendary he's become? Lol

    1. Haha, I hope he doesn't. Or else he might mistake it as a reason to do a comeback in another drama. We don't want that.

  5. XD Lovable Dork's my favourite category! Love the taglines. 'Master of the art of pettiness.' Pwahahha.

    Poor Surfer Dude was so excited to be in the drama. All that overacting and over-enunciation. :P I'm hoping I see him again sometime.

    Great list, as usual.

    1. I quite like the Lovable Dork category myself, heh. All lovable dorks are utterly lovable :D

      I'm hoping I NEVER see Surfer Dude again. Still scarred from the first time so I don't need more overacting-induced trauma in my life, thank you very much :D :D :D


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