Video of the Day: In a Good Way Opening and Ending MVs

Sunday, December 15, 2013

So I just started watching the new and popular Taiwanese drama In a Good Way. It's quite different from the other Taiwanese shows I've seen, and I quite like it. Just like Answer Me series, In a Good Way is set in the 90s, though it focuses much less on the pop culture references. It does have a pretty good soundtrack, tho.
But what I love are the opening and ending MVs for the show. I love the way they're filmed, I love the interactions between the characters, and I love the songs "Good Morning Hard City" by Adrian Fu for the opening and "Obviously Love You" by Freya Lin for the ending. Both videos are really awesome and I had to share them with you. 

ALSO, they're in HD!

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  1. Ah, cool, I needed another Taiwanese drama to add to my Plan to Watch list, I hadn't actually heard about this one. Those videos make it look really cute!

    1. It is actually a pretty cute show. If you have time, check it out :)

  2. Love how low key and laid back this show and cast are. Makes one want to relive those good ole college days again ;)


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