Video of the Day: T.O.P - Doom Dada

Saturday, November 16, 2013

T.O.P is finally back! And he's back with this awesome song, which makes me so relieved. The music video, on the other hand,, to say the least. My first thought about the video was that the person who came up with the idea must have been on crack at the time. Like really, the video is unique even by YG's standards. But it's also really entertaining because it's clear that none of it was meant to be taken very seriously. And that's good because I love seeing T.O.P playing around and making fun of himself. 

So yeah. In short, there are only two things you need to know about the video:
1) It's whack!
2) T.O.P's super handsome (though we already knew that)

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  1. I have a hard time separating my thoughts between the song and the MV. I agree there's definitely some crack involved. Hehe. However, like a lot of MVs that strike me as trying too hard to make some indefinite point, just so it will look cool, I love how the MV is a mixture of a really cool concept (that was awesomely executed!) AND our delight at seeing TOP act.. like a dork.
    Now- when I figure out what this concept actually means in the grand scheme of themes (like that matters..) I'll let you know xD

    1. Do tell me if you figure something out, because I think my head would explode if I were to try finding some reasoning behind all that wackiness in the video.


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