IU for Céci, Elle and InStyle

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanks to the recent release of her third album and a lead role in the new drama Pretty Man, singer IU is featured in several magazines. In Céci, she looks graceful in lace while wearing a crown like a royalty. Meanwhile in Elle, the atmoshpere is more casual as IU poses in a more playful manner. And lastly in InStyle magazine, IU's dressed in chic black with the overall feeling of careless elegance.

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  1. LOVE the look in the Ceci shoot… I was surprised to see she'd cut her hair for her new role in Beautiful Man where she plays a 26 (27?) year old. I think her new style makes her look younger. Thanks for sharing the pics!

    1. I think she looks pretty young with both long and short hair. But I had no idea she was going to be 26/27 in Pretty Man.

    2. Yeah… She does have a young face to be playing that age and better fits the flashback scenes when she's playing her 16 year old self. However, after watching the first two episodes I find her obsessed-with-pretty-boy personality to be adorably entertaining. Maybe a little of a stretch for the age she's supposed to play… but cute. I just hope they give her character a bit more fleshing out before the giggly-fun of her character wears out. We'll see!


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