Video of the Day: M.I.B.'s Interview with Allkpop

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I think M.I.B. is climbing to become my new favourite K-pop group. I've been listening to their recent release "Men in Black" for non-stop every day and I'm just loving the energy that the boys have on stage. 
So I came across this interview that they had with Allkpop last year and I had to share it with you guys. I love how relaxed and fun they are in the interview, and I like that they really try to show the viewers their real personality (Even though 5Zic says at the end of the video that he hopes that the fans won't think they are always like that. Ha, I think he's worried that fans now think the Japanese adult video star Aoi Sora really is his favourite actress XD). I'm still trying to get to know these guys but, thanks to this vid, I learned quite a lot about their personalities. 
For instance: that 5Zic is the most social and articulate out of them, that despite his aggressive on-stage persona Sims isn't really that scary but actually rather cute, that Cream seems the most mature and serious out of the four, and that while Kangnam is usually very composed on stage he's quite cheeky in real life. 

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  1. LOl. Their apology at the end was hilarious and cute. I like them a lot, btw - though I don't know too much about them. Maybe I'll try out that hug thing if I ever see them on the streets. Hehehe

    1. I like them quite a lot already. I still have to check out their other music, tho.
      And if I see them on the streets (fat chance) I will totally take them up on that hug. Maybe I'll even throw in a kiss on the cheek, ha XD


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