Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye for Jambangee 2013 Fall/Winter Collection [UPDATED]

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Korea's 'it' boy Lee Jong Suk and always loveable Park Shin Hye model for Jambangee's new Fall/Winter campaign and show that it is fun to be fashionable, young and sexy.

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  1. Seeing Lee Jong Suk photos reminds me about a convo I had with my friend about I Hear Your Voice the other day. She was saying how she doesn't like watching Lee Jong Suk because she thinks he looks too fake, with the plastic surgery. Is it just me that totally doesn't notice it at all? I think he's only had a nose job anyway, hasn't he? I think he looks totally normal. And he looks freaking good in these photos.

    1. I don't notice it either. I mean yeah, his nose sometimes looks a bit too Michael Jackson, but otherwise he doesn't look like he's done much. And these photos are gorgeous.

    2. The only thing he has changed about his face is actually just his nose and if you were to look back at videos of him prior to plastic surgery, he still looks model worthy! :D VERY HANDSOME!!

    3. Yeah, I think he probably didn't need that nosejob...


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