Half-time Report: Who Are You? (2013)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I'm half-way through Who Are You? which means it's kinda late to do a First Impressions post now, so I'm giving you this Half-time Report instead. Though, I guess, I'm still going to be talking about the same things as I would in a First Impressions post, it's just that there are going to be more spoilers. Which reminds me, SPOILER ALERT! EPISODES 1-8!

Even though I've watched WAY up to episode 8, I am still kinda iffy about continuing it. This also why I haven't included in my Currently Watching list, worried that I might drop it a week later. Don't get me wrong, the show is decent and it has actually gotten more interesting in the last few episodes. But if you've followed my ramblings in Twitter, then you probably know my issue with the show - I'm shipping the female lead with her dead boyfriend. And dead is the key word here.

But we'll get to that later. 

What I like about WAY more than The Master's Sun, the other ghost drama I'm currently watching, is that it's more somber and toned down, and thus can be taken more seriously. The ghost of the week storylines have been way more interesting in WAY than in TMS, though I still don't care awfully a lot about them. What' WAY lacks, however, is a lead pairing that I care about. So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon do have some chemistry, but their romance is simply meh. And when I don't care about the main couple, then there is very little a show can do to keep me interested, I'm afraid.
The main story somewhat intrigues me, though. I do want to know what happened exactly on that day when Si On lost her fiance and her memory. We do know that detective Choi is playing dirty and putting the blame on dead fiance, but is he really the one who shot him? He seems kinda remorseful about something bad he did, that's for sure. And I do want to see Si On gain her memory back and realize that she lost the man she loved on that day, although I'm worried that she isn't going to mourn him very much when she's already starting to fall for Gun Woo. The kiss at the end of episode 8 just killed me, and not in a good way. It's probably one of the few times when I've seen a kiss in a K-drama and just totally hated seeing it. Not a good sign.

The main characters:

Yang Si On (So Yi Hyun) is our ghost-seeing heroine and an amnesiac, a policewoman who works at the lost and found centre, occasionally solving cold cases with the help of her dead little friends. 
Due to her memory loss and a six-year coma, she is emotionally detached and cold, and quite honestly rather boring. The only thing that makes her interesting is her ability to see spirits and the fact that she is the centre of our unusual love triangle. She is a cop, so I guess she's supposed to be more serious, but I don't think she's that good of a cop either. She keeps getting kidnapped and also lacks common sense. In one scene, she comes home late at night and discovers the door's open, and still goes in without a weapon (and no, a broom isn't a weapon). Nobody in their right mind would do that, especially when there have been bad people in your house before! Brave, but foolish.
Si On's storyline is a bit problematic also. In theory, I should like her story arc of a woman trying to move on from the death of her fiance and finding a new love. Unfortunately though, I'm bothered by the fact that Si On still doesn't know she even had a fiance. I want her to say a proper good-bye to her former love before a new love comes into the picture. Because at this point, I'm being unfairly angry at Si On for starting to like Gun Woo, while Mr Sad Eyes is looking from afar. 
As for the acting, So Yi Hyun is okay most of the time, but her wide-eyed look whenever she sees a ghost is starting to annoy me a lot. Okay, you saw a ghost, we get it. Your ghosts don't even look that deformed as in Master's Sun, so stop making that scared face. Aren't you supposed to be a (foolishly) brave cop?

Cha Gun Woo (Taecyeon from 2PM) is the male lead, a young idealistic cop who believes in solid evidence and definitely not in ghosts. That is, until he starts working with Si On, of course.
Differently from Si On, who comes off as a rather cold and emotionally detached from everything around her, Gun Woo is outgoing and playful. It is around him when we see Si on coming out of her shell because his naturally dorky personality helps to make her feel more relaxed. He is also becoming very protective of her (and saving her a bunch of times from the baddies, *sigh*) due to his growing feelings for her. He is kinda like a puppy following her around, reliable and loyal. But although I like puppies, I don't feel particularly attached to Gun Woo's character. 
Gun Woo is also good friends with detective Choi, our main suspect in dead boyfriend's case, looking up to him as a mentor and a father figure. Which is kinda sad because we know that Choi has been lying to him. It seems Choi had a similar relationship with dead boyfriend before Choi betrayed him, so it's kinda interesting that Choi has replaced him with Gun Woo now. Is Choi feeling remorseful and tries to right his wrongs that way? Hmm.
Taecyeon's performance is...well, kinda what I expected. He feels more relaxed in this role than he was back in Dream High. However, he overdoes it when trying to be funny and cute. I don't hate his acting, but it's not doing anything for me either. But I do feel kinda bad for him because I can see him trying so hard to make the viewers like him, and yet everyone's head-over-heels for Mr Hot Ghost. Including me.

Lee Hyung Joon (Kim Jae Wook) is the second male lead, a ghost, a former detective and the dead lover of our amnesiac heroine (note: I can't for the life of me remember his real name so I keep calling him Mr Sad Eyes or Dead Boyfriend or Hot Ghost Guy or something along the lines).  
Differently from most second leads, he actually was the heroine's lover at first, but unfortunately he is dead now. Which is kind of problematic since I'm rooting for him to get the girl. And if he can't come back to life, well too bad, then the female lead needs to die. And no, I'm not kidding.
Anyways, the show doesn't give much insight into Hot Ghost Guy's personality. We know that he was very happy with Si On when he was alive, and that he was also close to detective Choi before he betrayed (?) him. But it's more important that he is trying to guide Si On to find out the truth about that fateful night when he died. He doesn't try to "have a forbidden love with her" but wants to set things right. It seems that he has made peace with the fact that he is dead, but at the same time we can see that it is still extremely hard for him to see her move on. Poor Dead Boyfriend has lingered in the ghost world for six years, waiting for Si On to wake up, and when she does she doesn't even remember him, doesn't mourn him. And to make it worse, she is falling for another man. Yup, it's incredibly unfair. 
Kim Jae Wook is clearly the best in this show in terms of acting. I wouldn't say that he is super amazing, because honestly all he has to do is not talk and look sad, but he does it really well. There is very little his character can do, but he still makes the Dead Boyfriend seem somehow alive, even though he is, yunno, dead.  

So, will I be watching this drama to the end?

Well, it depends. Kill the heroine and let her reunite with Hot Ghost Guy and I just might.

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