30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 29

Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 29

Hundreds. Thousands. Millions. Or rather that’s how it feels like. Who even counts them anymore? And do you mean as in completed dramas or every drama I’ve tried to watch, like ever?

Actually, when it comes to dramas that I’ve finished, there aren’t that many. It may come as a surprise, but the amount of dramas that I’ve seen from start to finish, despite the fact that I’ve been a drama addict for almost 4 years, is only around 30-40. I always watch quite a lot of shows at once, but I actually finish very few of them. It is only after I started blogging that I’ve felt the need to finish dramas more often. I have this thing that I tend to put a lot of dramas on hold somewhere around episode 9-11. By that point my initial interest in the drama has waned (you know, the crack-factor has worn off) and unless it is a drama that I really really love, I might leave that show unfinished for an unknown period of time. At the same time, though, I am really reluctant to call these shows „dropped dramas“ because I never know when I might feel like finishing the series after all. I guess you could say that it's my quirk as a drama addict.
But when it comes to the number of dramas that I’ve EVER tried watching then I think it's probably around 150, perhaps even up to 200. Yeah, that number is big. Kinda makes me think what am i doing with my life. But thankfully those numbers only get me down for about 5 seconds, then I just go back to my drama-watching and I'm happy again. Hee.

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  1. Oh, see I can't do that. If i stop watching a drama, I'll never get back to it. I stopped They Kiss Again after episode 8, having every intention of picking it back up when I had time, but it's still sitting in my On Hold list. I'm never gonna finish it because there's always something else that I want to watch ahead of it.

    1. I never say never, ha XD But yeah, there are always new dramas coming out so it is kinda hard to pick up an older one and finish it. I know I'm not able to finish all of the dramas that I've put on hold (and I'm not planning to), but since I'm not sure which ones I want to finish I just say that they are all on hold for the time being.

  2. Hahahaha.
    I think I'm the opposite. I hate dropping dramas just because it will mess up my stats for completed dramas, lol. I don't start anything new until I've at least cleaned up some of the dramas I'm already watching. Of course, the downside to this OCD side of me is that I end up fast-forwarding more often than not.. or *gasp* skipping whole episodes entirely.

    What you do though sounds kind of how I get with books - especially predictable fiction/novels. I like the story and buildup, but once I know what the end's going to be like, I flip to the last page, verify that I'm right, and put it down forever. The end. Next book. (This was back when I used to read though.. a phase of mine which totally coincidentally took place about the time I discovered dramas..)

    1. Yeah, I always have more dramas on my plate than I'm able to finish and I finish only a few of them. I just don't like to force myself through dramas that have lost my interest. Although, I do try to dicipline myself more because with some dramas I know that I love them once I get back to regularly watching them. I only fast-foward shows that I'm really close to completing and I just want to get it over with (like Big and Dream High 2).

      You're right, it kinda is like you with books. Once I see the main couple finally admitting their feelings to each other I lose interest because I know they get together in the end but there are still those few episodes filled with misunderstandings and break-ups, which I don't care to watch, before the happy ending.


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