30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 27

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 27

Hmm....the funniest? Intentionally funny or unintentionally funny? Because some dramas are incredibly funny when they try not to be. (*cough* Boys Over Flowers *cough* Dr. Jin *cough*). But seriously speaking, I usually don't like too over-exaggerated comedy (and I despise toilet humor). Yet, I have to admit that the first dramas that pop into my head as the laugh-out-loud funniest have mostly been filled with silly and outrageous hijinks. Go figure.  

Rooftop Prince - The first half of this series was actually awesomely funny. Forget the villains and forget the (most) annoying second female lead, the joseon F4 made me LOL so hard. And they were so cute. Oh, why didn't these four time-travelling cuties land on my rooftop? We could have had so much fun together.
Memorable scene? I loved the scene where the boys finally went and had their long joseon hair cut. They were all so hilariously dramatic, but the look on Jung Suk Won's character's face is just priceless. 

Coffee House - Naturally. On my first watch, it was incredibly funny to me, mostly thanks to Kang Ji Hwan's natural sense for comedy. I don't think I can ever forget Jin Soo's crazy laughter whenever he was making his secretary do something nonsensical.
Memorable scene? The one where Jin Soo tags along with his secretary to the movies and her date is super disappointed. He makes that jealous puppy-eyed I-want-to-murder-you face the whole time. It is glorious.

My Girl - Yoo Rin's funny personality was loads of fun. Her little lies always caused herself and Gong Chan to get into some really entertaining antics. It's all very silly, but also hilarious.
Memorable scene? When the Gong Chan's grandpa is in the hospital he starts weeping dramatically at his grandpa's bed, thinking that he's dead. But then Yoo Rin gently taps on his shoulder and tells him that the machine has to go "Beeeeeeeep" and that his grandpa probably just fell asleep. Ha. Obviously, it's super embarrassing for Gong Chan.

Answer Me 1997 - There is so much fun in this show that I cannot even begin to describe how much I enjoyed it. The comedy is pretty witty, yet it also makes you laugh so hard that your belly hurts. And I love how they inserted the random sheep sound whenever something funny happened.
Memorable scene? When the gang sits at the school cafeteria and the boys call Hak Chan over to eat with them. They have the impression that Hak Chan is the coolest guy they know, but then Hak Chan sees the girls and becomes this shy bumbling boy. He is so terrified of the girls that he tries to squeeze himself on the same bench with the boys. And then the most awkward introductions follow XD XD XD

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  1. Oh god, the random sheep sound. That was one show that I actually didn't mind the random sounds. That sound was actually funny every time it played, lol.

    And Rooftop Prince, the first half was so awesome. I always remember the scene in the lift/elevator. When they open at a level and have a bunch of people staring at them, and the boys are all half dressed? It makes me laugh every time I think about it. And the thing is, it's overplayed so it shouldn't be as funny as it is, but meh, I love it anyway.

    1. The sheep sound was just such an awesome detail.

      The comedy in Rooftop Prince was really outrageous and silly, but sometimes it is the overexaggerated humour that makes me laugh the most. And that elevator scene was just hilarious. I loved the pose that Jung Suk Won had in that scene XD


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