30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 26

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Day 26

I would probably say my personal favourites What’s Up? or Coffee House, but because I have talked so much about those two shows already, I’m gonna go with something else. 

White Christmas is a show I wish would get more attention. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not really a horror drama, so scaredy cats shouldn't be worried about the horror factor. It's not scary in the normal horror movie sense - there is no gore nor are there any evil ghosts of drowned little girls that want to kill you - but there is mystery and suspense that draws you in immediately. The dark and ominous atmosphere may be a little frightening if you're going to watch it alone in the middle of the night, but otherwise it shouldn't be of any concern. The story mostly just focuses the human nature and that also makes it a wonderful character study. It is a show that will make you think, which is something I wish more dramas would do. And the gorgeous cinematography is a stand-out aspect of this show. The only thing that is lacking a bit is the acting, but since the characters are well-written and intriguing I wouldn't consider a few awkward performances a deal-breaker in this case. 
So if you're looking for something different to watch then definitely try out White Christmas - it is beautiful, gripping and, most of all, thought-provoking. Oh, and it's got Sung Joon and Kim Woo Bin among others.

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  1. I need to watch this! I always say I will, or that it will be my next drama.. and then I never get around to it. :( Someday!

    1. Then I'm rooting for you to finally pick it up :)

  2. I watched this and I have to say I looove the ending hahaha so cool!

    but this drama has to be watched in a full go because I tried 2 times and gave up but after watching after episode 3 things get so interesting!

    1. Yeah, I almost dropped the drama after seeing the first episode. I just had no time to watch it, so I totally forgot about it for a while. But when I picked it up again and I couldn't stop. Things got more interesting in episode 2 and from then on I just watched in full go.


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