30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 25

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 25

Umm...I'm not sure if I want to name them. You see, one of the things about overrated dramas is that they have lots of fans, and I don't want to anger anyone with what I say. Who knows, it might get a little dangerous for me. 
*sigh*...but okay, since I already took on this challenge....*looks around nervously* Secret Garden *runs away and hides*

I just don’t get its popularity. When I tried watching it I found the first episodes really draggy and not at all too interesting. My biggest disappointment was the body-switch, which happened really randomly and only after what, 6 episodes?  I just found the entire drama to be really mediocre. Not bad, but just mediocre. I had to skip a lot of it because I just couldn’t keep myself interested. I didn’t want to give up either because I heard so many good things about it. When I finally got to the end, I realized that I shouldn’t have forced myself through it just because other people loved it. I did like the chemistry between Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won, and I did find it funny at times, but it got way too dramatic at the end and I didn’t see any logic behind the whole body-swapping. Also, I was very distracted by how scary skinny Hyun Bin was. Something weird happened to him during that show because he was almost unrecognizable at first.

Boys Over Flowers is also waaaay overrated by fans, because in terms of quality it really is a bad drama. But I do understand why it’s so loved – it’s the gateway drama to many of us. And it's just addictive. You know its bad, but at the same time you wanna know just how bad it gets. And for many, I'm sure, there were exactly four reasons to watch it: Lee Min Ho, Kim Bum, Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Joon

Several times I’ve also tried watching Can You Hear My Heart, but no use. I just can’t seem to get interested. I’ve seen other bloggers giving high ratings for this show, which has gotten me to think that maybe I was wrong about it, but each time I try to pick it up again I just get stuck. I think the biggest issue I have is with the heroine, whose crying and childishness bothers me to no end. It’s perhaps not as much an overrated drama, but a drama that everyone else loves while I just can’t get through it.

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  1. i agree 100 % with you.i tried watching both "Secret Garden" and "Can you hear my heart" but i dropped both of them.

    1. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one who just didn't understand the fascination with these two dramas:D

  2. Let me just sharpen my pitchfork.. Now- where do you live again..??

    Lol I forgive you for Secret Garden. For me it was more gateway drug than BOF is for most drama watchers. It was just addicting, and an early favorite that hasn't lost its flavor, even though I recognize a lot of huge flaws and occasionally wonder why I still love it so much.

    BOF and CYHMH though I completely agree with. I never did finish the first, even with the 4 good reasons you mentioned (maybe bc don't like LMH... *runs away*) and while the 2nd grabbed my attention at first, I ended up not being be stand it! I don't know how I finished. I didn't like anything except the bromance, the lead girl's dad, and my curiosity at just how evil the boys' mom could really get.

    1. Haha XD Maybe I should go into hiding for a while..LOL

      Yeah, I guess Secret Garden was for you what BOF was for me - gateway show into K-drama, and even if you know there are faults, you still cannot hate it because it was one of your firsts.

      *gasp* You don't like Lee Min Ho?! Go sit in the corner! (Actually, I am more of a Kim Bum fan myself, rather than Lee Min Ho's. But strangely, I loved Lee Min Ho most when he was in BOF. Must have been those "sexy" curls, ha :D)

      I've heard about the bromance in CYHMH, but I never got as far to really see it myself. The female lead just drove me nuts before I ever got to know the other characters.

  3. Although I loved CYHMY, I can kind of understand why people might not like it. It's certainly flawed. But I was sucked in straight away, with the kids in the beginning. And everything that happens is so sad, and you just feel for the characters.

    Agreed about the others. I watched Secret Garden because everyone said it was great, and I didn't get it either. I mean, I did like it overall, I think. Or at least, there were some very funny moments. Totally no logic whatsoever though. It's certainly not the masterpiece that some people think it is. I think the two actors were great in their roles though. Hyun Bin playing the female character was spot on sometimes.

    And Boys Over Flowers is the show that everyone agrees is terrible, but that everyone has seen, lol. It's a drama that everyone watches because everyone else has already seen it and you feel like you have to have seen it to join in the conversation.

    1. I really really wanted to like CYHMH. Well, I didn't hate it, I just couldn't get through it. Maybe I'll try again someday, but I think I won't ever enjoy it as much as most people. The kids were cute, I agree.

      Secret Garden perhaps disappointed me so much because other people had been praising it so much. But yeah, the body-swap totally made no sense to me. The only thing I thought was great about that show was rhe chemistry between the leads, and the kisses were pretty hot too.

      And BOF, well that's just a strange phenomenon. LOL XD

  4. I'm a Secret Garden lover but... yeah, I think it's one of those where you like it and get on board -- or you don't and then it's really hard to not be just o.O about the whole thing. :D (I remember reading somewhere that Hyun Bin purposefully dropped a lot of weight for the part to better illustrate his character's bundle of neurosis. Can't source it but... there you are.)

    And oh my gosh, Boys Over Flowers... It was my first kdrama so there's a certain built in nostalgia for it. But whenever I run across a conversation where someone's like, "K-dramas? What? Are they good? Should I watch?" And someone else replies, "Oh, yes! Try BOF it's awesome!!" I always *facepalm* Because really... there are so many good dramas out there! So! Many!

    --Betsy Hp

    1. So Hyun Bin lost weight for the role. Okay, I can kinda understand it then. I just hope the next time I'll see him on screen he will look more healthy. He looks so much better when his face is a bit fuller.

      So true! Whenever I see people recommending BOF to possible new K-drama fans I'm like "Oh, there are so many better K-dramas out there. And you recommended that one?!" I know that BOF can be oddly addictive, but it is definitely not the kind of show you want to recommend to someone who is only starting to become curious about K-dramas. If you're gonna tell someone that they should watch BOF, make sure that they know that BOF is not the representative of K-dramas - K-dramas are better than BOF. And this is coming from someone who really enjoyed watching BOF the first time.


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