30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 24

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 24

Sadly, there are always more dramas with bad endings than dramas with good endings. It's not easy to write a good ending, but it shouldn't be that hard to write an ending that doesn't piss people off, right?
BTW, spoilers for Nice Guy, 49 Days, Dream High 2 and Big.

Dream High 2's ending was just stupid, stupid, stupid. The only character I liked in that entire show and the only one who had the potential to become a star becomes a teacher in the end. Wut? None of the other characters really reached their goals either. Way to ruin the dreaming aspect, show. And then there's the love triangle or rectangle or whatever, which never had a clear conclusion even though it had been in the focus of the story. If you commit to it, then own up to it. In any case, I had completely disconnected from this show by the ending so I almost didn't care anymore. And it seems that neither did the creators of the drama. I think they gave up half-way because of the bad ratings and just didn't even try in the end.

Nice Guy was a good show with flawed characters and an intriguing plot. But the ending was something that was as if written for a different drama. The drama could have gone darker, it should have gone darker. But instead, we got deus-ex-machina to solve everything. Everything that Ma Ru had learned over the course of the previous 19 episodes was just erased with one stupid amnesia. You already did amnesia, remember show? I liked that Jae Hee turned herself in, realizing that it is time to pay for the things she did. Meanwhile, all of Ma Ru's guilt and regret is lost with his memory loss - no consequences, no realization, no nothing. It basically makes the previous 19 episodes a meaningless waste for me. 

I felt emotionally disconnected when I watched the ending for 49 Days, even though I had loved the show otherwise. I didn't mind that Ji Hyun died in the end after all. I actually liked that twist, she finally getting her body back but still having to die anyway because her death was already determined. But it somehow had no dramatic effect, I felt nothing when I watched it. And it upsets me, because it could have been a good ending if it had more heart put in it. Because it was definitely the execution that just left me dissatisfied, not the idea. However, the thing that makes this one a bad ending in my book is the last-minute reveal that Ji Hyun and Yi Kyung are actually sisters. The finale already had one big twist, to have two is overdoing it. I don't like birth secrets anyways, but to force it in at the very end is just nonsensical. It's not the kind of thing you reveal in the last episode because by the time viewers have time to react to it, the show is over. And then the viewers are left with one big WTF?!

And obviously Big. Big just gave the middle finger to everyone who expected answers to the questions the drama had created over the course of the story. Also, there is the body switch that never happened, at least not on screen. You wanted to see Kyung Joon and Yoon Jae back in their own bodies? Well, too bad. And then all logic just flew out of the window. The end.

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