30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 23

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 23

Wow, this is such an easy question. It definitely would have to be Big for me. It was logical, satisfying and it tied up all the loose ends. I got all of my questions answered and I don't think Hong sisters have written anything better than Big. I couldn’t ask for a better conclusion for that drama...

Nah, I’m just messing with you. That ending was whack! I know endings are rather difficult to write, but come on, Hong sisters, we trusted you! But okay, enough of that old thing. I moved one pretty quickly from that big disappointement and it's really not the drama I wanted to talk about. 

The drama I really think had the best ending is Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, hands down. I think it has been the only ending that has left me this satisfied. The show was consistently good all throughout, but I really liked how the writer handled the culmination of the story and how we got the ending that had just enough closure, while also leaving some things open. It was just the right balance between giving the audience what they want for the characters, and what seems realistic from the perspective of the story. I wish more drama writers could find that same balance when writing endings for their shows.

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  1. I literally lol'd at your first paragraph, ha ha. I agree with you on Flower Boy Band. Everything ended as it should have; they were all happy enough, but it wasn't like the world was suddenly perfect. I loved the scene with them all together in the rooftop apartment watching Ha Jin's debut on TV, it was utterly adorable and natural.

    1. Yes, I like when an ending ties up all the loose ends, but oftentimes things are tied up too neatly and it just doesn't seem credible. Shut Up, on the other hand, gave us enough closure without making things too perfect.

      I loved that scene with the boys together, too. They were so CUTE.

  2. hai mind to review or watch nine times nine travel.
    it is fun to watc


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