30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 20

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Day 20

What do you know, this question is unexpectedly easy for me. In fact, I was kinda looking forward to answering to this because I've had my answer ready ever since I started the challenge. Yay, for easy questions.
By the way, this post includes some MAJOR SPOILERS! for Answer Me 1997 and Coffee House

My most favourite drama episode ever is episode 4 from Answer Me 1997. It might be a somewhat an odd pick because if you think about it, not much goes on in it. But I love this episode because it is both casually funny, and quietly heartbreaking. And it's amazing how gripping something can be even when there is little real action going on.
In the main focus is Korea-Japan World Cup Match for which Shi Won's friends and family gather together to watch it. They watch the game together, bicker, eat, joke around, order chicken. It's all everyday, ordinary stuff. Yet I thoroughly enjoy these casual interactions between characters in this episode because they are so homely and life-like. 
Simultaneously, we also get scenes of Tae Woong and him reminiscing his former love. At first, you don't really pay attention to these flashbacks because they are really short. But by the end of the episode, thanks to these brief flashbacks, we learn that Tae Woong's past girlfriend was killed in a bus accident and that she was, in fact, Shi Won's older sister. It's a total shock for us viewers because it is the first time we hear of Shi Won's sister. And because the entire episode had been so casual and ordinary this huge reveal somehow has much more impact. There is something so sad about this, because we see Shi Won's family as a very happy one, yet we now learn that there has been a tragic death in the family. 
It's the scene in the end that totally breaks my heart: Sung Jae goes for a bathroom break after the game is over and accidentally wanders off to Shi Won's sister's bedroom. He turns back, but the door is left half-open and we get a shot of the drawing of Tae Woong and the sister. And that brief shot of the drawing just kills me. 


I also love to watch episode 8 of Coffee House a lot. It is the episode right after the big kiss and it's SO awkward between Jin Soo and Eun Young. Like, "OMG, I just kissed my long-time friend. What was I thinking?!" I love how they keep trying to avoid each other, but since no-one else knows what happened between them they are forced to do things together, and it is just hilarious. Of course, it also involves one very uncomfortable elevator ride, because the elevator stops half-way. So gloriously awkward!
But it also gets a little sad later on because Jin Soo is still not ready to admit his feelings. So Jin Soo and Eun Young have this serious talk about their friendship and their working relationship and what they mean to each other. But sadly it ends with a broken heart. 
What I love about this episode is that really gives a really good insight into their long-time friendship and how deeper feelings have gotten between them. And I also love how Eun Young, unlike the majority of drama characters, outright admits her feelings once she realizes them (even though she is terribly embarrassed). Usually, in dramas, nobody EVER says anything when they like someone, even when it should be painfully obvious. So, I just love how Eun Young takes the bull by its horns and tells exactly what she wants and asks Jin Soo the same thing. Although, it's kinda sad how things really didn't work out like she wanted them to in this particular episode.

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  1. I loved that ep of AM97. Did such an excellent job of juggling all the storylines, in all the timelines. And that ending shot of their drawn portrait had me in tears the first (and 2nd) time I saw it :'(

    1. It was a brilliantly written episode. And yes, that ending shot is just like an arrow to my heart.


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