30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 18

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 18

I think we all have some dramas that we always come back to when the currently airing ones disappoint or when we just need some comfort. Yunno, the ones that you could watch a hundred times and never get tired of. While I don't think I've ever watched an Asian drama from start to finish more than 3 times, I have seen my favourite episodes of my favourite shows many many times. I also love to occasionally replay scenes that I think are memorable. In fact, I sometimes spend hours on just rewatching certain scenes from dramas that I have already seen many times. But I guess this is normal for a drama fan. Anyways, the following dramas are my pick-me-up shows. 

Coffee House is the drama I love watching whenever I need a good laugh. It never fails to cheer me up. I have the whole series downloaded so I can rewatch my favourite parts of the drama anytime. And it somehow never stops being awesome to me. Actually, Coffee House is probably the show I've rewatched the most times.

My Girl was one of the first dramas that I really really loved and it has never really gotten old for me. It always cracks me up even though I already know all the jokes. But I also love the main couple, and because they have such good chemistry this is the show I turn to whenever I feel a sudden craving for some romance. 

I love watching my favourite episodes from Answer Me 1997. I watched this show from start to finish last summer when it aired, but even though I remember the main story very clearly I still sometimes pick a random episode and just relive the awesomeness of this drama. Because the show is so homely and warm it always picks me up after a rough day.

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  1. Reply 1997 is totally a drama that you can pick any episode and it's gonna be great. Even the later episodes, which were a bit slower than the earlier eps, were still funny and sweet and great.

    1. True. I always pick a totally random episode and just sit down and enjoy because I know that no matter the episode, it's going to be goooood. And it always has a comforting effect on me because it is so heartwarming and relatable.


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