30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 17

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Day 17

Truthfully speaking, I am not a big fan of second seasons nor sequels because usually they tend to disappoint. If I see a show or a movie that I love I don't want my fond memories of it being ruined by a sequel or a second season that just isn't up to par. 

Take Dream High 2, for example. I totally hated it. Whenever I think about Dream High now I also think about how disappointed I was with DH2. Thankfully though, the characters were different in the second season so they didn't ruin the characters I loved. But I am angry that DH2 ruined the only character I loved in the drama by making him a teacher in the end, when clearly he was the most talented of them all. Ugh.

So that's why I am also slightly worried about the planned second season of Reply 1997 (or to be more exact, Reply 1994). The first season was an unexpected success, but I'm not sure whether the writers are able to repeat that again. Are they able to bring something new to the table without losing the nostalgic charm of the first season? I'm not sure. That being said, I actually do like the idea of a new season with new cast and a new year. But I remain rather sceptical whether the new cast is able to win my heart like the previous one did. Or whether I will love the new characters as much as I can relate to them. What I don't want is another DH2-scale mess up, that's for sure. 
But aside from being sceptical about the quality of second seasons, there is also the fact that I actually like that Asian dramas don't usually have multiple seasons like American TV-shows do. It is one of those things that draws me to Asian dramas because I like when there is a beginning and an end to a story. With multiple seasons (granted that the cast will stay the same) this sense of wholeness that I love about Asian dramas might get lost. I don't want that. So yeah, there aren't really any dramas that I would like to see a second season of, even if there was a strong chance of the second season being good. 

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  1. Yeah, i'm hoping that Reply 1994 will turn out ok. I do like the fact that Korean drama sequels are barely sequels, because the cast is totally different. So you can separate the two if you need to. I choose to forget Dream High 2 ever existed, and to just remember Dream High, lol. They're so completely different that you can do that. So for Reply 1994, with all new cast and characters, it's just another show that happens to be created by the same team as Reply 1997.

    1. What I am worried most about Reply's sequel is that it either doesn't differ that much from the first one, or that it loses the nostalgic feeling by going off another direction. I just really really hope that the show finds its balance between the two and just manages to be just as nostalgic as the first one, but also is different enough so the story doesn't feel recycled. Also, the cast has to be GOOD. One of the main reasons why the first one was such a success was because of the cast.

    2. That's definitely true. There wasn't one single character or actor that I disliked in Reply 1997, so they definitely have to have the same feel for Reply 1994.

  2. the reply 1994 might be slight same with reply 1997
    reply 1994 have an expected character like Go Ara's brother's friend
    that i thought he is Ara real brother but end up become on of the in-law candidates
    and more shocking he is top student in medical.

    1. Yeah, while 1994 has some interesting new things I think I won't like it nearly as much as I did 1997. The (fake) brother suddenly turning up to be one of the husband candidates is kinda weird to me. I would have loved if he had stayed as her real brother because having grown up with two older brothers myself, I would be so invested in their oppa-dongsaeng relationship. But now that he's possibly her future husband I just don't know if I can get into that. It's icky to think that they've basically grown up as brother-sister and now suddenly they are lovers.


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