2ne1 - "Falling in Love"

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I've been waiting for 2ne1's comeback ever since last summer. While I loved their last summer's single "I Love You", I felt that their comeback was rather short. This summer, however, the girls are back again with a promise to release at least four new songs from July to October, the first of which is reggae-inspired "Falling in Love".

I have to admit, though, I wasn't very impressed with the song when I first heard it. It's a nice song, but I definitely liked "I Love You" more. That being said, it didn't take a long time to get into the song because it is quite catchy. Yet there are also parts of this song that I'm not that fond of, mainly the "touch me over here, touch me over there"-part that has no melody whatsoever. I feel like it's put there just to fill the empty space. It doesn't sound good and it comes off a bit awkward in the context of this song. In my opinion, the song needs a better English hook than this. The chorus, on the other hand, I like. It is really chill, summery and catchy, which are all qualities that I want in a summer release. It's also pretty easy to sing along to. I especially enjoy Minzy's parts which I think are vocally the best parts in the song. Her voice has that great calming quality that I've always liked and I think it works really well in this song. So, while the song isn't amazing, it is a decent summer jam.
Like the title already says, the song lyrics are about falling in love, or more precisely about this crazy emotional rollercoaster ride that one goes trough when they fall in love. Also, one small detail that I've always liked about 2ne1's songs is that there are often small references to their previous songs that fans can recognize. In CL's rap, you hear the following line: "Yeah in the club it’s getting ugly I don’t careCan’t nobody stop the fire let them haters sit 'n stare". I think it's pretty awesome.

The music video is pretty and colorful, but also quite conventional. There isn't a story to it, other than the girls flirting with the cute guys on the basketball court. It just features pretty solo shots from the members and some mandatory dance sequences. Even the dance for the song is kinda laid-back and doesn't involve any elements that really stand out. It does fit the song, tho. 
What I don't like, however, is that some of the outfits (not only in the video but in the live performances too) are not that flattering. Dara, who has a very petite and thin figure constantly seems to get the worst outfits that don't fit her body type at all. It seems that the stylist has no idea how dress her, so she just wings it. Then we have Minzy, whose legs or arms are too covered up compared to other membersas if to hide her more healthy-looking body. It's something I've noticed before in 2ne1 videos, but it stands out more in a video with summer atmosphere. I think she could look amazing in more feminine outfits, and it's not like she's shy or anything either. 

The props, however, are quite cool-looking with all that golden glitz and bling (and I love those muscular guys covered with gold paint who act as statues in Minzy's scenes), yet there isn't anything particular that makes this video from good to awesome. But there are two things that I have to mention:
First, aside from some bad outfits, the girls look really pretty. I love Bom and CL's hair colours, and even Dara's platinum blonde do. Minzy still preserves her short bob, which is a bit of a shame because I'd like to see her with longer hair. Although, she does rock that pink wig. 
And secondly, isn't it awesome to see Lee Soo Hyuk (currently in Shark) and Hong Jong Hyeon (currently in Dating Agency Cyrano) make a small appearance in the video and lookin' really good. Ever since I watched the drama White Christmas, I have this fondness towards its cast, so I love to see two of them making a mini reunion in this video. (By the way, back in 2010 Lee Soo Hyuk was also featured in 2ne1's music video for "It Hurts".)

But one thing that really bothers me about this release is the unequal distribution of the singing parts. While CL and Minzy get the most prominent parts, Bom only gets to sing the "falling in love"-part in the chorus and Dara has a tiny part at the end of the song. It seems that CL gets the spotlight in both the song and the music video, and it's a bit unfair because she already got to stand out with her solo release "The Baddest Female" just a month before. I think if you have four girls who each are talented in their own way, they deserve a song that shows off these talents without leaving anyone else on the sidelines. And this is where this song fails the most, at least for me. I am hoping that this is going to be improved with the other three promised releases in the coming months. In fact, I am quite curious what is the next concept for 2ne1 now that they've done reggae.

And finally, a few words about the live performances. Both are pretty good and the girls seem full of energy like they always do. However, I think the music recording plays too loudly over the girls' actual voices. I don't think they lipsync, but it does confuse my ears a bit too hear the recording take over their singing parts. 
I do like their Mnet comeback stage, where they are dancing barefoot on sand. It's just that it's not often that you see idols without their 10-inch heels on stage. Kinda refreshing, isn't it?

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  1. I think the song was perfectly fine I love the song and I don't think it meeds to be changed in anyway. 2ne1 never disappoints with there music. I love the song


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