30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 16

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Day 16

It was actually harder for me to put together a list of my favourite actresses than of my favourite actors. I guess it's because while I have many actresses that I generally like, I don't love them. Whereas, the number of male actors that I adore seems to be getting bigger and bigger all the time. I wonder if it's because male actors tend to play cooler or more interesting roles in dramas than female actresses.

Shin Min Ah
She is one of those few actresses whose aegyo doesn't irritate me. But she is also really good at more serious roles. And I love her smile with those cute dimples.

Im Soo Jung
She has been really good in everything I've seen her in so far, but she was most memorable in I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK. Also, a bit random but, she is also a very good on-screen crier.

Ariel Lin
She doesn't always choose roles that show off her talent in the best way, but I always find her emotionally present in her roles, which is something I really appreciate. 

Park Si Yeon
She hasn't always been a very good actress, but she has improved a lot over the years. Unfortunately, she is often typecast in uninteresting bitchy second lead roles, but she can actually do comedy really well. She also seems really mature and feminine in real life.

Jung Ryeo Won
She too hasn't always been good at acting. But she has come a long way since her days as a member of girl group Chakra. And I loved her immensely as the crazy Yeo Chi in History of the Salaryman.

Lee Yoon Ji
She oftentimes plays roles where she has a bit of sass and attitude, and I love it. But she really gets me in the emotional scenes. Also, I think she is super gorgeous, though a bit too thin.

Moon Geun Young 
She always gives her all in the roles she acts in. Unfortunately, her last projects been disappointing. But I also love that she looks pretty in a very unconventional way.

Erika Sawajiri 
She may be a drama queen in real life, yes, but I've always loved her acting despite. She was the sweetest girl in 1 Litre of Tears and absolutely captivating in Helter Skelter.

Park Shin Hye
She looks healthier than other actresses, but still really pretty. I haven't always been crazy about the roles she picks (or even with the way she acts), but even so I've always liked her. I just wish the drama industry would let her grow up.

Song Ji Hyo
Okay, not gonna lie. I haven't really seen her in anything else than in Goong (where she wasn't memorable at all), but I just love her in real life and her Running Man variety persona so much. So, does it count if I've heard that she's a pretty good actress? 

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  1. Shin Mina was my pick for this category. She's really pretty, and she always seems like she's smiling naturally. Something that really puts me off an actress is if every photo of her just looks fake. But Shin Mina never does.

    I like Song Ji Hyo too, and that's just from Running Man as well. I've seen her in Goong and Mandate in Heaven, but neither of those were particularly great at showing off her talent, so I don't really know if she can act either, lol. But she's very cool.

    1. I agree. Now that you mention it, her smile really Shin Min Ah really does seem more natural than of other actresses.

      I should try out some of Song Ji Hyo's movies (maybe her infamous appearance in Frozen Flower ;P), because I have heard that she is a decent actress, I just haven't seen her in anything really. But yes, Ji Hyo in Running Man is my hero :D And in real life too, she just seems so down-to-earth and friendly.

  2. For me it's:

    1. Shin Eun Kyung
    2. Seo Woo
    3. Lee Yuri
    4. Song Hye Kyo
    5. Kim Hae Sook
    6. Yoon Eun Hye

    I also really like Yoo Hyeri, and Jung Ryeo Won was my first favorite kactress ^_^ I just think I haven't seen her in much lately so I can't judge. Same goes for Seo Yoo Jung; haven't seen her since If Tomorrow Comes :/

    1. Good choices, unfortunately I myself am quite unfamiliar with the acting talent of most of your favourites. I haven't seen Shin Eun Kyung nor Lee Yuri in anything yet.
      But I did think about adding Song Hye Gyo and Yoon Eun Hye in my list. I eventually decided not to. SHG is super gorgeous and her acting has improved quite a bit over the years, but I haven't really *loved* her in anything yet. Yoon Eun Hye, on the other hand, has done some roles I really liked her in, but since she has been in lackluster dramas lately I've kinda forgotten about her.


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