30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 15

Monday, June 24, 2013

Day 15

Yeah, I kinda hate the word „favourite“ because I that implies that I can only have one thing I love. But I have many. See, I’m not usually very choosy with male actors, as long as they look good and give satisfactory performances I will probably like them. But okay, this list below is probably the closest I will get to picking out my favourites, or at least my current favourites. No Taiwanese or Japanese actors here because I'm still rather unfamiliar with most of them. Also, I noticed that there is a serious lack of older actors in this list. I hope it'll change over time, though.

Jo Jung Suk 
He's currently one of my big favourites. He’s been lovable in. Every. Single. Thing. that I’ve seen him in so far. Also, I adore his voice.

Song Joong Ki 
He’s like a puppy, and you cannot not love puppies. Although I miss him as Enthusiastic Joong Ki in Running Man, I am excited for his acting career. In fact, what I love about him is that he acts with his eyes more than with any other part of his body.

Won Bin 
He’s kind of a hermit in a way, because you rarely see him anywhere these days. But he is adored, even by netizens (and that's something), and for a good reason because he has proved himself to be pretty awesome actor in addition to his ridiculously good looks.

Yeo Jin Goo 
He is the youngest of my favourites (only 15!), but he could probably surpass several others in this list with his acting chops. He is the future K-drama hero growing up right before our eyes. 

Lee Seung Gi
He is awesome in variety and I love that friendly boy-next-door quality about him. But I am also impressed how much he has improved his acting since Shining Inheritance. Not to forget that he is currently one of the best Korean ballad singers.

Sung Joon
He is one of those actors I enjoy watching grow as an actor. He's still young and has a lot of room to improve, but I like his selection of roles so far. Also, he has the best intense stare+smirk combo.

Lee Min Ki 
He's quirky. And I love how his quirky charisma comes out in his roles. I just wish he would make a drama comeback soon, because that short (but awesome) 2-episode cameo role by him in Shut Up: Flower Boy Band wasn't enough.

Kim Ji Hoon
He is kinda of a slow burning flame for me. I might not fangirl over him all the time, but every once in a while I watch him in something good and I'm head over heels again (e.g. Flower Boy Next Door). 

Kim Bum
He honestly has got the best smile ever. But, like with Sung Joon, I like watching him choose projects and seeing him improve. He isn't quite there yet, but lately I love him better than his BOF co-star Lee Min Ho (which is why he currently is in this list now instead of him). 

Im Joo Hwan
He's always really invested in his roles and I love that about an actor. He isn't someone that captured my eye immediately, but the more I see him in something the more I love him. 

Kang Ji Hwan
He can do comedy and he can do drama, and he can balance them both without going too far. Unfortunately, the horrible hair in scared me away from his last drama Incarnation of Money (sorry, but that hair was disastrous).

Go Soo
He has an amazing presence in his roles, though I have to admit I haven't seen him in much. But he's still incredibly gorgeous to look at. Also, something about him reminds me of younger Tony Leung.

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  1. I haven't seen Won Bin in anything, but so many people love him that I really should check him out to see what the big deal is.

    I chose Lee Seung Gi as my favourite actor when I did this challenge, but that was more of a "who do I like right at this moment in time" thing, because there are just too many awesome actors around to really choose one.

    I so agree with most of yours. Jo Jung Seok is a fave at the moment, and he's only done 3 dramas so it makes it easy to say "I've seen them all!", lol. I'd especially love to see him in a musical.

    1. I have seen Jo Jung Suk in all of his dramas and also in the movie Architecture 101, and he's been really good in all of those roles. It's funny that he has played mostly side-characters, but he's managed to stand out even when the focus is not on him.

      I didn't think Lee Seung Gi was much of an actor until he did The King 2 Hearts. That show totally made me see him as an actor not just a variety personality and a singer. There's also this warmth to him that draws me in.

    2. I totally forgot he was in Architecture 101! And i know, i think he's been lucky with the parts he's chosen, but he's also done such a good job with them that you end up liking them more than the main character. Although, I think i've been heavily influenced by Javabeans, because she totally loves him, and I think her love for him wore off on me, lol

    3. He really has chosen his roles well. He won me over with What's Up? and I've loved him ever since. I hope we see him doing big things in the future.

  2. Sung Joon, Lee Min Ki and Kim Bum are some of my favorites as well! Like you, I have many :P I heard Kim Bum is doing quite a few Chinese dramas/movies lately.

    1. I saw some pictures of Kim Bum in a Chinese show/movie? but I think he was only supposed to make a brief appearance. He is currently doing Korean drama Goddess of Fire, which should air soon.


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