30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 14

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Day 14

Oh, good. Another easy question. Though, if I had done this challenge-thingy about two years ago, I'm sure my answer would have been entirely different from what it is now.

Short answer is that I usually don't. Sometimes even 25 episodes is a big stretch for me. But it all depends on the drama. If I am really interested in the show then I am willing to give it a try even though it might be a bigger commitment. I used to have a strict rule that I won't watch dramas that have 30+ episodes, but lately I have become interested in shows that are longer. Right now I am actually thinking of watching I Live in Cheongdamdong (granted that I find a place where I can watch it with English subs), which I hear is a really good show. And that show is 150 episodes long! If I can finish that drama, I can do anything.
I haven't watched many 40+ shows. My first long drama was Gloria, which was 50 episodes long. Of course, there was a lot of fast-forwarding involved. The second longer show I watched was Ojakgyo Brothers, which was 58 episodes and which I liked better than Gloria. But again, I skipped a lot of parts in the second half of the show just to watch the OTP scenes. And currently I am watching my third longer drama - You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin. Needless to say, I am fast-forwarding through this show too. 
I used to feel a bit guilty for skipping parts that didn't interest me, but now I don't because I think these longer family shows aren't meant to be followed as meticulously as normal 16-episode shows. These are the shows that a Korean stay-at-home mom watches while doing her house chores, because they don't require that much of your attention most of the time. So there is no reason why I should force myself through scenes that I don't affect my understanding of the events of the story. It would all be so much better, though, if I knew Korean and didn't have to rely on subtitles. I multitask all the time while watching American TV-shows, it would be so convenient if I could do the same with these long family dramas.

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  1. Oh wow, you took the words right out of my mouth. I miss multi-tasking! When i'm watching a Western show, i'll always be doing other things at the same time (I get through a lot of manga while watching TV, lol). But with Asian dramas, we have to watch them properly so that we can read the subtitles.

    I'm loving Lee Soon Shin, although it's a bit depressing at the moment, lol. But the cute moments make up for the rest. I love the sisters relationships. If they got rid of the Gran and the parents, and just had the kids, it would be so much more enjoyable, lol

    1. Yeah, one of my life goals now is to know enough Korean so that I can watch dramas without subtitles, hehe.

      I love Lee Soon Shin too, but probably only because I love the baker guy and the main couple. I am not willing to give up on this show because of them. The moms are driving me crazy, tho.


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