30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 13

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 13

Funny thing. When I started writing this post I found it surprisingly hard to answer to this question. I don't watch dramas that have female leads that I don't like at all. And while there have been a lot of bitchy second female leads, my hate for them doesn't usually run so deep. They are annoying, but forgettable. So at first didn't know which character I should write this post about. But then I watched the two latest episodes of You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin and I realized that I already have a character I truly dislike. 

Song Mi Ryung (Lee Mi Sook) from You're The BestLee Soon Shin. She is the character I despise the most right now. When I started watching the drama, I thought that Mi Ryung was kinda interesting. Yes, she immediately showed signs of being very selfish, but other than that she didn't seem entirely bad. But then as the show went on, I realized that Mi Ryung wasn't going to redeem herself, but became more self-centered. 
First, she refuses to admit that she has done anything wrong. If anyone points out her wrongdoings, she just asks "what did I do wrong?". Ugh. Then she treats people like they are puppets in her disposal. When it's convenient for her, she acts all nice with people who care about her, but as soon as things become complicated she just ditches them. Ugh. She is constantly making things hard for poor Jun Ho, acting on her own without informing him and bossing him around. I was so glad when he almost ended the contract with her. Ugh. And finally, she is so delusional about her relationship with Soon Shin, thinking that she should be thankful that her biological mom is famous and rich. UGH. 
It's already very hard for me to forgive Soon Shin's adoptive mom for treating Soon Shin badly before, but I don't think I can ever forgive Mi Ryung when she finally decides to redeem herself. If at all she really does decide to redeem herself. Seriously, I think the drama should now be renamed You're The Worst, Song Mi Ryung.

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  1. Okay so I still haven't watched anymore of this - and haha.. but this isn't making me want to. I have a certain fondness for that actress too.. I don't want her to be ruined. :(

    Maybe when it's all done and over with, somebody will make a YT cut of just the main OTP and perhaps this baker man I hear so much about. Then I'll watch it ;)

    1. I dunno why, but Lee Mi Sook keeps playing annoying moms lately. She was controlling mom in Can We Get Married? and now she is a selfish mom in Lee Soon Shin. I like the actress too, but I wish she took roles where I can like her for a change.

      OTP cut of the drama would be so good. The cute between Soon Shin and Jun Ho is what makes this show worth watching. I would have abandoned this show long ago if it weren't for the sweet chemistry between Jo Jung Suk and IU. I totally didn't expect to love this pairing so much since I had many doubts about IU's acting and their 13-year age difference. But surprisingly I love them together, I really do.


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