30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 12

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 12

Sorry for the late post, it took me a while to finish this list. But here they are - my favourite girls from Asian dramas.

Song Eun Jo (Moon Geun Young) from Cinderella’s Sister. No matter how disappointed I was with the drama, I loved Eun Jo. She takes care of herself and doesn’t trouble with looking girly. She has developed a strong sense of survival and a quick-witted mind to cope with the hardships that have fallen upon her. Eun Jo isn’t concerned about how others think of her. In fact, she lets people think worst of her, which is easy considering that she is rather cold, distant and unapproachable. But behind that seemingly emotionless face, there is a girl who wishes a normal life and a home. Eun Jo doesn’t reveal her feelings easily, however, we all know that she tries her best to make things right. Her determination to clean up after her mother and fix things that were not her fault is often unappreciated, but we viewers know she is far from being the evil stepsister. 

Ikeuchi Aya (Erika Sawajiri) from One Litre Of Tears. The girl with the most heartbreaking fate, her character was based on real life Aya who suffered from an incurable disease. She is a cheerful and optimistic schoolgirl, who loves being with her family, playing basketball, and spending time with her friends. She eagerly waits for the time she's going to fall in love for the first time, and her whole life is really just beginning. That is until she is discovered to have a terrible disease. But she shows unbelievable strength as she refuses to give up, and instead chooses to fight back with a smile on her face. Her determination to keep on living is inspirational. And in the end, she teaches the most important lesson on life - how to appreciate it. 

Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) from My Girl. One spunky little liar with a bubbly personality. Yoo Rin is a street-wise and sassy young woman, who never backs down. She is determined to find a way to satisfy her genuine love for money that doesn't seem to love her back. Her efforts to earn money tend to be overthrown by her gambling father, yet she is not the kind to give up. Her wittiness saves her from unfortunate situations, and skill for languages comes in handy. But even when she cons people, she does not do it without guilt. She only relies on her “ability of persuasiveness and art of faking” only to survive. Okay, and sometimes to make harmless fun of her cocky boyfriend.

Seo Eun Young (Park Si Yeon) from Coffee House.  Eun Young is the kind of woman we see often as the second lead – beautiful, successful, intelligent and independent. Only she isn't a controlling ex-girlfriend gone psycho. She is the kind of woman that is elegant and professional about 90% of time, yet during that 10% we see the quirky and undeniably funny side of her. She may give the impression of being a bit snobby, but she is a good friend and a courageous person, who isn’t afraid of showing her true feelings even when she is embarrassed. She doesn’t let other people define herself and is strong enough to carry on, even if her heart is breaking. Eun Young is who I wanna be when I grow up.

Mi Ho (Shin Min Ah) from My Girlfriend Is A Nine-Tailed Fox/Gumiho. Who could forget this adorable little fox? Even if I could, I wouldn’t want to. One would think the legendary creature Gumiho, a fox with nine tails that eats people’s livers, is a terrifying monster. Yet, Mi Ho is far from being scary. Even though she was born as a fox, Mi Ho’s biggest wish is to become a  human and to find true love. She is probably the cutest and most childlike character you’ve ever seen on screen. She has no idea to act like a normal person, cheers up on the sight of delicious meat, says what she feels, and whenever she cries the sky cries with her. Miho is too sincere and way too cute, yet we just can’t help but adore this fox girl with the cutest dimples.

Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) from Flower Boy Next Door. She is the character I can easily relate to, although her case is rather extreme. Dok Mi is anti-social to say the least. She is a hermit, willing to go to unimaginable lengths to avoid any contact with people. She spends her days locked away in her apartment, spying on the cute guy living across from her. Her stalkerish ways are rather harmless, though, for what she's really looking is a bit of human connection, even though she's also afraid of it. And while she is shy, she is also opinionated, ironic and knows how to stand up for herself if necessary. It's just that she finds it hard to face the world that has once caused pain to her before. But make no mistake - once she get's her fighting spirit back, she's totally capable of being normal.

Jung Shi Won (A Pink's Jung Eun Ji) from Answer Me 1997. Badass, sassy, and just a wee bit crazy. She is a dedicated fangirl, entirely devoted to H.O.T.-s Tony. Maybe even a bit too devoted. But aside from her stalking, fanfiction-writing, rebellious self, Shi Won is one awesomely gutsy girl, who will stop at nothing to reach her goals. She is also a loyal friend who never judges her friends, unless they happen to become a fan of Sechs Kies of course. She loves her family dearly, but her fights with her dad over her obsessive fangirling are simply hilarious. In her lovelife, she isn't too quick to realize her feelings for someone, but once she does she isn't afraid to admit it out loud (unlike someone else *cough* Yoon Jae *cough*). That no-bullshit-attitude of hers, and also the fact that no matter how much time passes she will always be a crazy fangirl, is why I love her.

Baek Yeo Chi (Jung Ryeo Won) from History of the Salaryman. Yeo Chi is a wealthy heiress who looks glamorous, elegant and charming from afar. However, that couldn't be further from reality, because she is actually awfully pampered, swears like an old seaman, and gets a bit nutty from time to time. Better not let her looks fool you, she sure isn't the kind of girl you want as your enemy, because it isn't below her to cook someone's prized chicken for revenge. Yet she isn't all that bad once you get her down to earth and show her what it is like to be hungry and without place to go. But even then, she will always be a bit cray-cray, which is hilarious to watch.

Park Tae Yi (Kim Ji Won) from What's Up? She's a naive country-pumpkin with big dreams. She's rather child-like and goofy (e.g. getting lost almost everywhere or crying when she's late for class), characteristics which often receive surprised reactions from people who meet her for the first time. It doesn't help that she occasionally has conversations with her ghost dad. But she's sweet and kind, always thinking best of everyone, even when they might not deserve it. And no-one can deny her talent at singing. It's one the stage where we see her charming charismatic side, proving that she isn't always that clumsy or odd. She's just special.

Oh Doo Ri (Im Joo Eun) from What's Up? Edgy, tough, quick-witted and badass - she is the girl you want to hang with. She's tomboyish, loves playing violent video games, and occasionally vents out her frustrations by playing the drums. While she does enjoy to mess with others a bit, she is actually very caring, particularly when it comes to her friends. She can beat up a guy who's broken her friend's heart and she is brave enough to make a public love confession for the guy she likes, doesn't matter if he's really her teacher. She may not express her feelings publicly nor very often, but she isn't cold in the least. And while she may look intimidating at first, once you get on her good side she will bet the most awesome friend you can ever have. 

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  1. I keep thinking I should just sit down and watch Cinderella's Sister sometime this summer. Should I? Because I also need to watch Nine.. and a ton of other dramas too :P

    1. Well...I would probably recommend you to concentrate more on other dramas. Cinderella's Sister was promising at first and while I loved the characters, the story was rather disappointing. You can check out the first four episodes just to see how awesome Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung Myung are in their roles, but I wouldn't blame you if you'd quit half-way. There are some good moments scattered around the drama, but it eventually gets really weepy and honestly there isn't much to the story other than lots of angsty staring.

  2. Oh Doo Ri and Shi Won are my favourite characters^^~~~

    1. I think they are actually quite widely loved characters. Probably because they are both so badass and opinionated, unlike most female characters is Asian dramas.

  3. You included one if not my favorite female character Oh Doo Ri. You are awesome!

    1. How could I not include her? She was awesome :D

  4. i havent watch this drama, i might want to watch it..
    why? bcuz im joo eun is my fav girl after watched her in
    wild romance


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