Video of the Day: What's on TV - Funny Asian Drama Collab

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I like to browse Youtube for new drama fanvids from time to time. And some time ago I stumbled upon StupidApples Youtube channel, where I found this awesomely funny video series called 'What's on TV'. It's a collaboration between different dramavid creators and it pokes harmless fun at Asian dramas. The concept, as written down by StupidApples herself, is zapping through TV channels. My favourite segments are from The King 2 Hearts (Seung Gi's hilarious The King's speech) and Nice Guy.
I decided to include all of the existing videos from this series under this post. So basically today's Video of the Day is going to be the Videos of the Day. Part 4 is also going to be out in a few days time, so I'll be updating this post later on. Enjoy the funnies!

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  1. This post is so random and funny.

    My favourite moments were Lee Min Ho in the thrall of a haemorrhoid attack (so well done!)and the Gaksital grave crying scenes. hehehehheh. So wrong yet so right.

    Oh and the "I'm not a whore" chant. Priceless.

    Your posts always make me laugh. :D

    1. Yeah, that "cat funeral.." cracked me up a lot :D

      But don't thank me for the laughs, I'm just sharing the awesomeness of these Youtubers who created this video :)

  2. Those were HILARIOUS!! I loved the confessions to drama addictions XD So true!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, but all credit goes to the makers of these videos :)


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