Between Wor(L)ds is Nominated for The Liebster Award [UPDATED]

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wow, so this is something new for Between Wor(L)dsIt was very surprising for me to receive a message from the lovely fellow blogger Chunkeemonkeeato that she nominated my blog for the Liebster Award. Thank you!
To be honest, I've never been nominated for something like this before and I'm not even familiar how these work. But apparently the Liebster award is a chain letter of sorts to promote up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. And the word 'Liebster' is German for sweetheart. Aw.

The rules for receiving this award:

  • List 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer the questions designated by the blogger (s) who nominated you.
  • Place YOUR nominations for the Liebster Award! Nominate five (or more) other bloggers that have less than 200 followers. Make sure to notify them via comment/email, etc.
  • Make up a set of questions for those nominated bloggers to answer.
  • Display the Liebster award badge on your blog!

11 random facts about me:

1. I've always held my pen a little bit differently than other people do. When I was little teachers tried to get me to hold it in the correct way, but I never got used to it. But even though I hold the pen differently, I've been told that my handwriting and drawing skills are really nice.

2. When I first heard Big Bang I thought 'meh'. AND I was convinced that G-Dragon's name was actually T.O.P. As a fan, I've never really forgiven myself for that.

3. When I was little I ran a away from home. Twice. I didn't do it on purpose actually, but I guess I was just slightly adventurous.

4. I hate raisins. I do eat grapes though.

5. I've always loved horror movies. Preferably with ghosts and haunted mansions. Unfortunately, most of the movies from this genre are pretty lousy.

6. I have blonde hair and gray eyes, but I've always wished that I had been born with black hair and brown eyes instead. But that's genes for you, whaddya gonna do?

7. I am super indecisive. I swear it takes me forever even just to figure what kind of toothpaste I want when I go to the store (there are just too many choices!).

8. I've watched the American remake of My Sassy Girl. And I actually liked it. *gasp*

9. People find it weird that I don't drink tea nor coffee. I'd prefer a cold glass of milk instead.

10.  I used to be really scared of spiders. And then I just got over it.

11. Christmas is my favourite holiday. But winter as a whole just makes me depressed.

Questions from the nominator (Chunkeemonkeeato):

1. If you, yourself, could be in a drama/sitcom (not as a certain character, but you), which one would it be?  How do you think your presence will change the plot?

I would either: A) go and hang out with the awesome Joseon F4 in Rooftop Prince. We would play all day and eat omurice and be awesome. I dunno if I could rescue Park Ha and Joseon puppies from the dreaded influence of The Fate, but at least I would warn the characters from Tae Mu's stupid schemes and we would lock him in the freezer instead. 

or B) I would win over Jin Rok from Flower Boy Next Door, because if Dok Mi doesn't want him then I can be his hermit living next door and we can start our own little post-it romance.

2. If you could defend any drama villain, who would it be and how would you defend their case?

This is hard because they are villains for a reason, yunno. But I guess I would choose Se Ryung's father Su Yang from The Princess' Man. He is one of the few Asian drama villains that I could understand just a tiny little bit. Sure, he was power-hungry and cruel, but at least he really did love his family. When Su Yang found out that his daughter was in love with the man he was trying to kill and was willing to choose her lover over her father, I almost felt sad for Su Yang because he seemed so betrayed by her daughter's choice. I mean, in his eyes he was just being the typical father who doesn't want his daughter dating guys he doesn't approve of, only he was just about 100 times crueler about it. And he was sincerely heartbroken that Se Ryung, the apple of his eye, no longer saw her father the same way. So maybe from his point of view, it was all justified.

3. What’s your motivation for keeping up with your blog?

Every pageview, every comment and every follower motivates me to keep this blog going. I can't say I blog only for my readers because, first and foremost, I blog just to get all those thoughts and impressions of dramas and K-pop out of my head. I need this blog to talk about the things I want without boring my friends and family with this odd hobby I have. But gaining readers and followers, who like to discuss the same things that I do, always makes me wanna write more and improve things around here. You guys motivate me.

4. What’s your favorite blog post that you’ve written so far?  Why?

Hmmm...I guess it would have to be my year-end post Between Wor(L)ds' Drama Awards 2012. Even though it took me quite a while to come up with all the categories for that year-end post and to find all the right images to illustrate them, I had so much fun writing it and I feel quite proud of how it turned out in the end. It seems that my readers also enjoyed it.

5. If you could have one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it?

Flying. I would love to have the ability to fly anywhere, feeling the wind against my face. I'm sure it would be an awesome power to have.

Questions from Maybee (Dramababble)

1. Name your favouriteeeest  K-drama heroine and why. You can list more than one but must specify reasons.

Answered this question here.

2. Which K-drama character/s do you identify with the most and why?

Answered this question here.

3. What K-drama trope gets you rolling your eyes and gives you hives? (Clearly a hyperbole, but indulge me, please.)

Birth secrets. I don’t want my dramas to be filled with long lost brothers and abandoning mothers, it reminds me too much of Latin-American telenovelas where everybody is related to everybody. Also birth secrets always lead to big misunderstandings that take forever to be resolved.

4. What do you look for in a fellow K-drama blogger? (hahahah. Sounds like a dating site question? Indulge me.)

Ooh, that’s an interesting question. I like fellow bloggers who offer different opinions or interesting new viewpoints about dramas that I haven’t thought of. I also like when a blogger discusses dramas without going into extremes like ‘this is the worst drama ever’ or ‘if you don’t love this drama too then you’re stupid’. I like being able to discuss certain dramas with other people, without being called stupid for liking something that no-one else does. And of course good sense of humor is something that always attracts me about fellow bloggers. And well, I also look at appearance (yeah, it kinda sounds like I’m on a dating site ). Blog appearance, I mean. I am a very visual person so I am always attracted to blogs that have a pretty theme and cute banners. And it’s always better to get to know a blog when you can easily navigate around it.

5. What’s the best thing about blogging?

Best thing about blogging is that I get to talk as much as I frickin want about dramas and K-pop. Ha XD. No really, it’s great to be able to rant my heart out and then find people that agree with me. Nothing beats that feeling.

6. What’s the worst thing about blogging?

HTML. I don’t know why but Blogger keeps doing some strange things with HTML that mess up my post’s formatting. I hate when I have to spend almost the same amount of time on getting all the images in place and text aligned than on actually writing the post. It drives me mad.

7. What would you be reborn as? And why? (Yes, “why” is my favourite question. Why? Why? Why?)

I would love to be reborn as an Asian drama character, preferably Jan Di/Makino from Boys Over Flowers/Hana Yori Dango. But that’s kind of an obvious answer so I’m gonna give another one. I would want to be reborn as my cat. No, really. My cat has it all figured out. Plus he is probably the most loved member of our family, also the most spoiled. All he has to do is sleep all day, eat the most expensive cat food, and be petted by someone. Life is beautiful for him.

Questions from Dnoella (KDramaGuk)

 1. You are the director and I am a producer with money to throw at your dream project. Pitch me a kdrama scenario with your fantasy kdrama cast, sky’s the limit: lead actor, lead actress, supporting actor and actress, and two peripheral castmembers.

I think, making a makjang drama would be the most fun, because then nobody expects your drama to make any sense.

The title would be something super cheesy and dramatic like: The Pain of Loving You Like Crazy. Short title: Tortuous Love (because all dramas have about 3 different versions of titles).
The male lead would be Song Seung Heon, because I trust him to make the best facial expressions at dramatic moments (yunno, in Dr. Jin style like in the picture below). Our heroine would be Yoon Eun Hye, because she’s pretty. And also because I think it would be fairly easy to get her to star in my outrageous drama, considering that she's been choosing terrible projects lately. And then I would get Hyun Bin (!) to  be the second male lead. Just because I would like to see the world explode when Hyun Bin announces his first post-army role and that it’s going to be a second lead role where he does not get the girl. Yeah, I’m evil. Second female lead would be also Yoon Eun Hye, because she will play the heroine's evil twin. Muahahahaa. The heroine’s parents are played by Lee Mi Sook and Sung Dong Il.

So, the story would be about twin sisters (both played by Yoon Eun Hye), who get into a car accident and one of them is presumed to be dead. The other one, the heroine, survives and falls in love with her sister’s secret lover – a gangster, the hero ( Song Seung Heon), who is tortured about his past. He grew up in an orhphanage. The heroine’s wealthy parents are against the relationship and want her to marry a lawyer (Hyun Bin). But the seemingly perfect lawyer has a secret of his own, he is actually son of a mob boss. And what’s even more shocking is that he had a non-identical twin brother, who went missing at a young age. Take three guesses who his brother is – our hero, of course. But then it is revealed that the the twin sister didn’t die in the car accident and she comes back with a revenge plan to destroy the main couple for betraying her. Add more makjang and you have a hit. Probably.

2. If you could substitute yourself as the heroine/hero of any drama, who would you replace?

Like I already stated under Maybee's questions section, it would be hella awesome to be Jan Di in Boys Over Flowers. Not because I liked Gu Hye Sun's Jan Di, but because she gets to hang out with four rich hotties and go on expensive trips with them. She is a frickin' Cinderella. But then again, she also has a pretty awful monster-in-law...

3. Where would you like to go on vacation (besides South Korea) and why?

Japan. Because before I became Korea-obsessed I had the hugest crush on Japan. Also, Italy and Greece, because I love the beautiful architecture there against the backdrop of the blue blue sea. And then France. Not Paris so much, but Southern France - Provence, in particular. It's the place my mom wants to go the most because the nature there has inspired many artists and it's just so beautiful there.

4. When you aren’t watching kdramas, what are you up to?

Mostly school stuff. But I also enjoy drawing, though I am suffering from an artist's block these days. I occasionally do get inspired by dramas, but for some reason it's really hard for me to finish a drawing. And of course, I also enjoy reading and watching non-Asian films.
Another thing that could almost be considered as a hobby is my obsession with pretty nail art. Almost every time when there's a make-up stand in a store I end up buying myself a few bottles of nail polish. I swear, I almost have about 15 different shades of pink nail polish - it's ridiculous. 

5. What is your favorite movie (doesn’t have to be K-related)?

Now that's difficult. I have just too many favourites. But, on top of my head, the first five non-K-related films I can think of are:
Kill Bill - stylish and ass-kickin'. Great music too.
Lord of the Rings - haven't yet read the books, but the film trilogy is marvellous.
Forrest Gump - funny, heartwarming and sad. Impossible not to love.
Gone with the Wind - yes, it's nearly 4 hours long. But it's a classic.
Spirited Away - an excellent example of the amazing Japanese animation.

As for my favourite Korean movies, look at my ratings page.

Questions from Tiffany Love (Love Bug's Obsession)

1) What inspired you to first start your blog?

Well, I first started blogging because I felt the need to discuss K-dramas with people who were as interested in the subject matter as I was. Of course, I was also inspired by other bloggers in the K-drama blogosphere and I thought why not give it a shot myself.

2) What would you say is the hardest part about blogging?

The answer is above, under Maybee's questions.

3) Have you ever encountered blogger's slump and if so how did you overcome it?

Actually, I think I’m going through one right now. But I think that it’s okay sometimes to go through a slump and just take things a bit easier for the time being. I guess the best way to overcome it is to concentrate on finding inspiration in dramas that you enjoy and not force yourself to write something you don’t feel passionate about. If you start forcing yourself to produce content, it is bound to make you feel negative about blogging overall, and that’s something you don’t want to happen. I’ve had slumps before and I’ve always come out of them after a while. Just rest your mind, re-evaluate your love for blogging and find new inspiration.

4) Is there a drama character that has the same personality traits as you?

I’ve answered this question here.

5) Which actor or actress do you feel is underrated or less well known?

I’m sure there are many more that I cannot think of at the moment, but I would say Im Joo Hwan. I really really like him and he’s actually a very good actor, unfortunately though, he hasn’t had that one breakout role that would put him into the spotlight. I really recommend everyone to check him out, especially in Tamra the Island and What’s Up, he’s totally worth it.

6) If you could change the ending of any drama, what would it be and why?

Oh, there are so many. But I guess Nice Guy’s ending bugged me a lot because it was tonally wrong and resolved things in deus ex machina way. I would have loved if Nice Guy had a darker ending instead. Nobody necessarily has to die or anything, but there have to be consequences to the characters’ actions.  

7) What is your favorite post that you have written?

The answer is above, under Chunkeemonkeeato’s questions.

8) Which is harder to write, drama recaps or reviews?

I’m pretty sure that recaps are harder (and more time-consuming), which is why I don’t do them.

9) Do comments and viewers really matter to you as a blogger?

Yes, they do. I don’t mean that I only blog because I want to have lots of pageviews and followers, but I think it’s important to have support and feedback from your readers. I love to read comments in my blog and I appreciate when my readers want to discuss something under the comments section and give their opinion as well. Of course, I started my blog without the intention to have a lot of pageviews and comments, but it is always nice to know that there are people who appreciate your writings. 

10) If you weren't a blogger, what would you be doing instead?

First of all, I don’t really call myself a blogger per se. Sure, I own a blog and I write in it, but right now it’s just a small hobby of mine. But if I didn’t blog, I guess I would have more time for dramas because blogging, as you might know, is very time-consuming. And maybe I’d have more time to take up another hobby instead.

Blogs that I nominate for the Liebster Award (Making me choose, huh? Read above, I'm super indecisive):

Outside Seoul (this was already nominated by Chunkeemonkeeato, but I love the blog so I had to nominate it again)

And of course, everyone who's nominated me I will nominate back. 

My questions for the nominees:

1. What has been the hardest challenge of your blogging career? (e.g. getting people to comment, making headers, placing pictures side by side, etc)

2.  "When life gives you lemons..." Then what are you going to do with them? (you are free to be as imaginative as you like)

3. What is your favourite and least favourite Asian drama cliche?

4. Which Korean variety show would you like to participate in? 

5. If you had the chance to personally slap (or punch) one drama character, then who from which drama would it be and why?

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  1. Thanks for the nomination!

    Hehe about GD/TOP. Hey, I was a staunch anti for about a month. :X I was determined to believe they were overrated, and you weren't EVER going to catch me liking their songs. It was only after some puttering around trying to prove to myself they were overrated that I listened to one too many live versions and realized how great they really were.. *beats self with a bat over the head* :P

    1. Haha :D When I first heard Big Bang I only knew that they were really popular, but at that time I wasn't that into K-pop yet so I just brushed their music off as something that was not to my taste. I even listened to "Haru Haru" but I was just 'meh'. But then a few months later when I relistened to it, something just clicked in my head. And ever since I've been a big fan. I don't even know what hit me.

  2. Oh man (stamping feet), your questions are fun, too! Would it be in poor taste for me to answer them? I'll answer them and if you decide it is in poor taste, you can delete this comment. Hee!

    1. Hardest challenge is probably coming up with enough material for my weekly posts (Bananas and Playlist). Some weeks I have a ton of stuff I want to talk about, other weeks I'm straining to find something at the last minute. The latter becomes obvious in my writing. In a close 2nd, it's sizing the pictures. Sometimes it's hard to fix one pixel if the mouse moves a tad too far. I'm OCD that way.

    2. "When life gives me lemons, I tell the lemons to suck it!" Okay, that could be read the wrong way but naughty, naughty minds will do that. ;) Sometimes when you face a hardship, you just have stare right back and challenge it.

    3. Least favorite is amnesia. Hate it. Really? This is the 21st Century. Haven't we found a cure for K-Drama amnesia yet? Favorite is the cranky, Darcy-like heroes. Can't help it. Love my Austen.

    4. Running Man, duh! And I would totally team up with Song Ji Hyo because she so rocks. And we'll take all the boys down together. Now, how do we take out Spartakooks? Have to think about that one.

    5. Hmm, I'd like to personally slap any character that Gu Hye Sun plays buuuut that may be just me not liking her. So if I had to choose one drama, one character, it would be Kang Young Gul (Yoo Ah In) in Fashion King. There are just so many reasons but mainly because his character was so suffocating. You were either with him or against him and I just wanted him to take a step back and get over himself. Which is funny because he was supposed to be the underdog. If I did, maybe I could have saved his life.

    1. Oh I love your answers :D It's not poor taste at all, I am glad you answered to them.

      Weekly posts are quite tricky. There aren't always enough material for them and they also require a bigger commitment. I had put my own Weekly Randomness posts on hold for now because my life has been really busy that I don't manage to do them weekly these days. But I promise to get back to doing them soon enough.

      Darcy-like heroes are one of my favourite cliche's too. But sometimes dramas make the heroes off-puttingly abusive rather than adorably cranky. And naturally I prefer the latter one.

      Yeah, Running Man. It's kind of a secret dream for me to be able to star in Running Man one day. Yunno, like my life would be complete if I got to take out Spartakooks. And yes, Ji Hyo ROCKS!

  3. You hate raisins and ran away from home twice?! hahhaha. Now I know.
    Thanks for the nomination. I had a lot of fun with it.
    And I nominate you back. :P

    1. Answered your questions. You had some really fun ones. Don't worry, I will soon answer the first two questions in my Asian Drama Challenge posts, I want to be extra thorough :)

  4. Thank you for the nomination, and CONSIDER IT DONE!

    P.S. Embrace your indecisiveness. We who are the most indecisive make the best decisions once we finally commit lol.

    1. Loved your post! Thanks for answering my questions :)

      P.S. Yeah, I'm working towards making my indecisiveness into a positive trait.

  5. Hey Indigo, thanks for taking the time to answer my Q's. And you're a fellow Hayao fan!! I loved "Spirited Away," but I have admit, I may love "Howl's Moving Castle" a teeny tiny bit more. Very teeny bit though. And can I just tell you, I died laughing at your kdrama idea. That is one truly makjang story you spun up there--but you know what, BRILLIANTLY makjang. "The Pain of Loving You Like Crazy" aka Torturous Love. *hold belly* So perfect. The key to every good makjang is indeed the title! ^^ But I think the most spectacular part of your script isn't that there are twins, but TWO SETS OF TWINS! Pure evil genius. Frankly, I don't think there would be a kdrama fan in the galaxy that could possibly resist watching this one. I think we should sell it to KBS. This smells like something they would love for a Wed/Thurs time slot

    1. I love both Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle, but I have seen Spirited Away more and so I remember it much better.

      I actually thought really hard at the first question, so I am glad that you like my outrageous kdrama idea. I am quite proud how the story turned out (especially the two set of twins part), maybe I should sell it to KBS :D It would be fun to see such a drama being made.

  6. Thank you for your nomination as well :)) Ok, here goes.

    1. Beside trying to figure out all the HTML stuff and fighting with blogger about putting pictures side by side, the hardest thing would have to be getting people to comment. At first, I didn't see my blog as anything more than a fun hobby of mine but then I started really enjoying posting weekly and thinking of the latest thing I could blog about. Then I wanted to hear what my viewers thought of the various Korean Dramas I had talked about. Someone out there could have the exact thought process as me or completely different one, and its just nice to see people be vocally opinionated.

    2. When life gives me lemons...I would pick myself up, and not let that one stumble define me. Life's too short to let troubles rule over your life even for a short period of time.

    3. My favorite would have to be the couple who hate each other at first and than love each other fiercely at the end. Hands down my favorite. Sure its cliche and done many times but to see the emotions and conflicts that result are ahhmazing to watch. My least would be birth secrets, just can't stand those.

    4. Running Man!! It looks soo fun and if I could, I would be on Yoo Jae Suk's team everytime.

    5. An Do Hoon from Secret. Most selfish, uncaring individual that made my skin crawl everytime his face popped on screen. To think that any human being would just let their loved one go to prison in their stead and THEN take a child away from its mother was something I could never understand. And for the record, I would punch him. Lol


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