30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 9

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 9

Hmm...this challenge has made me realize that it is easier to name ultimate favourites than to point out the worst of the worst. But after some thinking, I realized that while I've had many male characters that I dislike, there have been only few that really got on my nerves. 

Shin Myeon (Song Jong Ho) from The Princess' Man. I ranted a bit about him already in my review for the show, but I can never emphasize how infuriating Myeon was. He is cowardly, selfish and untrustworthy. He starts out as one of the good guys, but once he develops a little crush on the heroine he just abandons all his previous beliefs. He knows that she doesn't love him and that she has always been his friend's lover. And yet he doesn't even seem to care, he just wants to own her. But the most unforgivable thing is that he betrays his friends, while trying to reason his actions by blaming it all to the fact that their fathers simply don't get along. He never takes responsibility for the fact that he himself was the one who was willing to sacrifice their friendship and that he never tried to fight against the things he knew were wrong. I guess was never a friend to begin with.

Do Hyun (Kim Sung Min) from Can We Get Married? Another guy about whom I ranted earlier in one of my First Impressions posts. First of all, he is a disgusting cheater and that already gives me the right to hate him. But it is his self-justification towards his affair that really gets me angry. He does not feel ashamed that he hurt his wife, he does not even try to hide it. He is only concerned about himself, how he has "suffered" throughout their marriage, how he was "forced" to find love outside their marriage, how his wife was too perfect so he could not stand her (Wut?). But what's even worse is that they have a child together and the man never stopped to think about how his affair and the way he treats women might affect his son. There is just no excuse for this pathetic self-centred man.

Ding Li Wei (Sunny Wang) from In Time With You. My dislike for him doesn't run so deep as with the previous two douchebags, but I had some serious problems with him. He is handsome, tall, charming, but he is also extremely controlling. I could understand why our leading lady You Qing was trying so hard to fix her relationship with him, but I also knew that it would never work. He has cheated on her and broken her trust once already. Thankfully though, he does feel remorse over it. So while I could eventually forgive him for that, I was still irritated by his constant attempts to tie down You Qing. He didn't consider her wish to be independent, he didn't get why she wanted to have her career - he basically didn't understand her at all. While she made changes for him, he was always reluctant to make the same sacrifices for her. Yes, he did love her. But he also didn't deserve her.

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  1. Shin Myeon disappointed me more than just about any other character... ever. Makes me depressed just thinking about him, Lol. Not being a fan of the dramas a whole (I know, I'm weird..) I was mostly watching it for him, waiting for him to man up and admit how sucky this life was. He's a character just born to repent and make a noble sacrifice at the end, and wtf does he do??? NOTHING! I was devastated. And pissed off.. heh.

    1. Tell me about it. I was waiting the entire series for him to step up and do the right thing but he just..didn't. I didn't believe him being in love with the heroine and I was stunned how little he seemed to care for his friends. Stupid a-hole!

  2. I agree with you on Ding Li Wei. For him to cheat on her and break her heart for the second time, that just shows how much of a douchebag he is. She changed so much for him yet her changes are not enough.

    1. Yeah, besides that he was Mr. Cheater McCheaterson, I couldn't stand his controlling ways and how selfishly he expected You Qing to change for him, while he was reluctant to do the same for her. Selfish arrogant douche.

  3. Ding Li Wei was always a confusing character because I was assuming he hadn't changed and was still a cheater but he seemed so genuinely remorseful that I thought "maybe he has changed". I mean, he was still a douche in other regards, as you mentioned, but I honestly wasn't sure if he actually would cheat on her again. Of course, when he did, it wasn't a surprise. The thing I remember most about that character was his great English. Dunno why I remember that.

    As for Shin Myeon, i never disliked him in a "i hate him so much I just want him to die" kind of way, because i liked him so much in the beginning. So when he turned bad, I still somehow kept on liking him anyway, even though he absolutely didn't deserve it. And admittedly, that might be because Song Jong Ho looks good in that uniform. I'm watching him in Mandate of Heaven at the moment, and I really think he should just play a sageuk cop in every drama he ever does from now on. It suits him so damn well!

    1. I liked Ding Li Wei's charm and I really did believe that he didn't want to hurt You Qing and really loved her, even though he cheated on her. But I hated how controlling he was and I just thought that he didn't deserve her.

      Shin Myeon has been one of the only characters I've hated this much while watching a show. I liked him at first, but when I saw how he betrayed his friends for a woman who didn't love him I just couldn't forgive him. He really disappointed me.


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