30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 8

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 8

Okay, so I am back to making lists. Sorry, if you were expecting me to give one single answer but by now you should know that it ain't gonna happen. I am too indecisive to just pick one character. I might even wanna update this list from time to time to add new ones.

Domyojii Tsukasa (Jun Matsumoto)/Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) from Hana Yori Dango/Boys over Flowers. As far as good-looking and pampered rich jerks go, I would have to say that Jun Pyo/Domyojii is my favourite. One would claim he’s just a stereotypical mean rich guy. I say he’s more than that. Snobbishly rude, overly violent and easy to anger, yet a lonely little child inside. Ridiculously curly hair and the funny out-of-place things he says would make him unpopular, if people weren’t afraid of him (or blinded by his good-looks). He says all the wrong things and is incapable of successfully communicating with other people without sounding offensive. In love, he is greedy and jealous, but still willing to do anything for it. His heart is warm when it comes to his friends, and fierce when he’s dealing with strangers. Yes, Domyoji/Jun Pyo would be one extremely difficult person to interact with in real life. But I just can't hate that jerk.

Lee Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) from Coffee House. A successful writer with a charming smile and good personality. But that is not the case here. One of the most original characters I have come across, Jin Soo is far from being a normal person. He is pretty much bipolar. To outsiders he seems admirable and pleasant, but to the people who are close to him, however, he reveals his devilish mind. He is strange, sarcastic, mean, dramatic, indecisive, difficult, insane, wicked and so on. You can never guess what is going on in his head. Still, deep inside he does have a compassionate and loving heart for people he cares about. But of course you never really know about whom he cares about, because he never says what he wants out loud. He is irritating. He is mean. He is insane. So naturally I couldn’t help but be charmed.

Joo Byung Hee (Lee Min Ki) from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Oh, how I miss that wacko. He makes a relatively small appearance in the show, yet just five minutes in I was already crazy about him. He is eccentric, dramatic, unpredictable, and yet utterly lovable. He wears more guyliner than your average K-pop star, but it's okay because he has a whole philosophy behind it. He sleeps on pool tables because, well, where else would a crazy leader like him sleep? The two things he loves most are his friends and music, fortunately these are combined into his band Eye Candy. Of course, he himself is an eye candy. And he dreams of dying at his happiest moment, but let's not talk about dying because it is still a touchy subject.

Eun Shi Kyung (Jo Jung Suk) from The King 2 Hearts. According to Dramabeans, he also goes by the name of Earnest Bot. Awkward, adorable and badass is not a very common combination of characteristics found in a bodyguard all at once, but that's why he is special. He may not always get the joke because he takes things way too seriously and literally. But he is loyal to his country and friends. He is very idealistic in his line of work and of high moral fibre. Unfortunately, his honesty and earnestness is looked upon as slightly funny by others because he really means everything he says. But we know that he's the kind of guy you'd want by your side at all times. And on top of that, he will totally rock your socks off when he sings. We miss you, Shi Kyung!

Oh Jin Rak (Kim Ji Hoon) from Flower Boy Next Door. He is the guy I want to have as my next door neighbour. He is cute, funny and sweet. His perceptions of dating and love may be a bit old-fashioned, but once you win his heart there is nothing that would he wouldn't love about you. He is also a very talented comic book artist and that's why his way of romancing his crush is so creative - leaving little post-it notes with cute drawings. He may have a little bit of temper, but I would rather call it crankiness than anything else because there is no way this adorkable guy would ever hurt anyone. I mean, he can't even bring himself to fight his big love rival and so, in the end, he befriends him instead. The only unfortunate thing about him is that he is the second lead. I don't think I will ever get why. I mean, how can the heroine not love him?

Kang Hyuk (Lee Ki Woo) aka the Giant Muscles Guy from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. Take a ridiculously good-looking guy, give him a kind personality, and then turn it all upside down by making him the most lazy person on earth. He is lazy, and I mean LAZY. He can literally sleep everywhere. At one point of the show he almost drowns himself because he is too tired and sleepy to get out of the water. But to make up for this terrible (and hilarious) trait of his, he has a big kind heart and a wonderful fatherly quality to him that makes him the perfect advice-giver. Unfortunately though, all these good characteristics never get him anywhere near to winning the lead girl's heart. He did, however, win mine.

Kim Byung Gun (Jo Jung Suk) from What's Up? What's Up? was filled with characters that I loved but it was Byung Gun who never failed to make me laugh. He is awkward and has a nervous breakdown every time he has to sing in front of other people. Yet you cannot really describe him as humble because he knows that he's an awesome singer, it's just that his stage fright prevents him from proving it to others. He is the class clown, though not always intentionally. He is scared of ghosts, even friendly ones. And he never misses a moment to make a badly-timed joke or two when there's a long awkward silence. But I think he's funny, even when others don't.

Kwon Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon) from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Ji Hyuk is exactly how I like my male leads - a gruffy troublemaker who's a bit rough around the edges, but with a warm loving heart inside. He rocks. And I mean it literally because he's the lead guitarist and singer in an awesome rock band. He may look intimidating but he will only kick your butt if you're trying to mess with him. And even though he looks way too cool for school, he is just as uncertain of himself and lost as the rest of us. But not to worry, because he has awesome friends to keep him company on that long winding road to growing up. While his real family sucks, he loves his friends dearly and is the most loyal and trustworthy friend one can ever wish for. And when we get to see a rare smile on that grumpy face it is the best thing of all.

Yoon Jae (Seo In Guk) from Answer Me 1997. He is popular with girls. He is smart. He is sweet. Yet the only person who cannot see how awesome he is, is his crush Shi Won to whom he only shows his bad temper. For him the hardest thing is to confess his real feelings, which is made especially hard by the hilarious fact that he has to compete with K-pop idol Tony for her affections. But he also tends to overthink things and misses the chance to say what he really wants to say, and more than just once. Fortunately for him, he has me and thousands of other people behind the screen rooting him on as he tries to win the heart of his childhood friend. Because while she may not realize, we know that behind all those biting remarks lies one very hesitant question - "Do you like me too?". Well I do!

Joon Hee (Infinite's Hoya) from Answer Me 1997. Thoughtful, caring, trustworthy and always the one to come for advice. If only there was anyone who could give him the advice he needs. Because never before has one's crush been more hopeless than Joon Hee's. He has a burdensome secret to deal with, one that will always make his search for love more difficult than others'. And he knows that he cannot do anything about it. But still he is never resentful, never angry, never jealous, which is the reason why his friendship is always valued. Thank god that he's got a group of most awesome friends to make up for his broken heart. But there is also a glimpse of hope that the person in that mysterious red car can finally give him the happy ending I know he deserves.

Da Ren (Bolin Chen) from In Time With You. He is the dream guy - best friend and love interest combined into one. While we dramafans may all, from time to time, feel terribly attracted to bad boys, in the end the guy we want the most is him. The kind, caring guy who sticks with you through good and bad times. He isn't selfish with his love, but he respects and appreciates his girl You Qing. He knows that she wants to be independent and never interferes with that (unlike her crappy ex). Although it does take excruciatingly long time before he finally is able to confess his feelings. But thankfully when he isn't able to say things straight out, he can express them with a song. And don't be fooled, when he says "I won't love you", he really doesn't mean it.

Jae Hun (Im Joo Hwan) from What's Up? He starts out as a bit of a troublemaker who carelessly breaks the law, but even still he has his morals in place. He is far from being a bad guy, despite his somewhat reckless nature. In fact, he's really a sweetheart. But he is even cuter when he's in love. Although he would never admit it, he is such a sucker for the girl he likes. And he's the most caring boyfriend the girl can have, for he never pushes her nor asks her to change. And he knows how to be loyal to his friends (even when they are both after for the same thing, or the same person) and he's there when they need a shoulder to cry on. And these are only a couple of reasons why I think he's so awesome.

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  1. "He is irritating. He is mean. He is insane. So naturally I couldn't help but be charmed."

    hehehhehe. So, basically you like jerks.

    I liked Shi Kyung (heartbreak) and really liked Pillar (yum!), but he was so passive.

    Not that I don't like jerks, I mean, 95% of K-drama heroes are jerks. But I'll never like Jun Pyo. NEVA! :P

    1. Actually with Gu Jun Pyo and Lee Jin Soo it was more that I liked the way they were portrayed, rather than their personalities. I thought both Jun Matsumoto and Lee Min Ho really were quite awesome in that role. And I can forgive Jun Pyo/Domyojii for being such a jerk because he was really pampered and he had the worst mom ever. I could kinda understand where all that douchey attitude came from. Also, he was still young and had time to change. Actually he is one of the few K-drama jerk-heroes that I like as a character.
      And well, with Lee Jin Soo I loved how Kang Ji Hwang acted in the role. He was really funny, yet he also gave depth to the character. Plus, Lee Jin Soo was just a very very interesting character, who always kept me wondering. I actually wouldn't say he was a jerk, at least not like our usual K-drama heroes, but he was just crazy. And it was crazy done well.

  2. I thought Domyojii was so much better than Jun Pyo... could be first watch bias clouding my views as well.

    IA for the most part some characters are so compelling you never want to let go ByungHee and the writers know this so they are the cruelest of them all.

    Of the currently airing dramas King Yoo AhIn (Jang Ok) has my heart maybe it's his starry eyed devotion or maybe it's the dimpled chin. I wish their story would end with that private residence full of babies they dreamed of.

    1. I liked both portrayals, I think both Lee Min Ho and Jun Matsumoto put their own flair to the character and I was equally pleased with them.

      Even though I was upset when we lost Byung Hee, I knew he was going to leave the show somehow because he was only cast in a cameo role. So I kinda saw it coming. But it didn't hurt any less.

  3. I love this post of yours! A lot of your favourite male characters are also mines! Especially Eun Shi Kyung, Yoon Jae, Joon Hee and Da Ren. I love them all! (:

  4. I didn't know that Byung hee only had a cameo role in Flower Boy Band until he died, so it was a shock to me, lol. I actually had no idea who Lee Min Ki was at the time, it was only after that that i realised he was actually a pretty big star!

    Also, I agree with everything. I liked both portrayals of Domyouji/JunPyo because each actor put their own spin on the character. They both did a really good job with the role.

    When Eun Shi Kyung died in King 2 Hearts, they might as well have killed me as well. The scene where they had his projection sitting opposite the Princess almost had me in tears! It was so beautiful and well done.

    1. I think I was lucky because when I first started watching Shut Up I checked out the cast in Asianwiki and saw that Lee Min Ki was going to be a cameo role. So I knew that something would happen to the character, but even still it was really sad to see him go.

      I also had a hunch that something bad would happen to Shi Kyung in The King 2 Hearts, and it did (*sob*). That scene with his projection really was beautiful, I was really heartbroken about that couple.


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