30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 7

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 7

Yay, for once an easy question to answer to. 

I can straight up say that I always watch dramas for their storyline. No matter how loyal I may be to my favourite actors/actresses I just cannot force myself to watch a drama that I am not interested in. For instance, I heart T.O.P. but I have never tried watching IRIS. I have watched some scenes of him in it via Youtube, but to watch the whole show when I'm not interested in  it (for now) just for him is something I don't think I am able to do. I really can't think of a drama that I've watched just for it's actors while the storyline sucked. 

Maybe the closest is when I tried watching Lie To Me for Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye, but really soon I realized that the show wasn't worth spending sixteen hours on just for a couple of good kisses. After that drama I've kinda become even more cautious and try not to get too excited for a drama when it stars my favourite actors as leads. It usually doesn't turn out the way I want it to.
So yes, the first thing that I look for in a drama is definitely a storyline that I like. It doesn't matter which genre drama it is as long I feel interested, though I usually do prefer romcoms over other genres. However, lately I've started to become interested in dramas that don't revolve around romance, such as crime or mystery dramas. 
And as for the actors, it's kinda easy for me. I really don't care who plays the parts as long as they look cute enough and don't entirely suck at acting. I am also willing to give a chance to idol-actors and rookies even though they are usually labelled as lacking in the acting department. Because sometimes they even manage to surprise you. 

Okay, so basically these are the first things that I go over when choosing a drama:

1) What is the story about? Is it interesting, new, or cute?
2) Who are in it? Do I know them from other projects? If they can't act at all, are they at least pretty?
3) How many episodes? Am I able to commit to a 30-episode drama? Or a 50-episode drama? 
4) Are the trailer and the posters out? If the trailer sucks, should I still hope that the actual drama is much better? Do the actors  at least look pretty? Or is one of those 'argh, I cannot concentrate on the story when she/he has that awful bowl-cut/birdnest hair'-kind of dramas? 

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  1. Bowl cuts and birds nests turn me off even IF the drama/plotline/acting is good. Such a shame, but I'm superficial in that regards. Easily distracted in a bad way.

    1. Terrible hair was what made me skip Wild Romance and also Incarnation of Money. Is it really so hard to give the actors normal hair? I just don't get it sometimes.

    2. I hated the hair but Wild Romance sans Jessica scenes was great IMO. I also suffered through the hair nightmare that was Full House 2 and FH2 turned out to be great.

    3. I dunno, even though I know that the hairstyle quality doesn't equal to the show's quality I find it really hard to concentrate on the show when the actors are given really horrible hairstyles. It's like it's really hard for me to take them seriously when they look so ridiculous with that hair.

  2. omo..i think we have the same taste..for me,i'll review the storyline 1st,then i,ll look up the actor/actress..about the genre,i don't really care as long as it is an interesting story.,but i don't really stands for a good storyline but uninteresting actor/actress..for in case like this,i'll sometimes just passed by...hehehhe,i heard When A Man Loves was a good story, but, sorry not interested in Han Se Kyung..^^peace

    1. I'm not a fan of Shin Se Kyung's acting either (I believe you meant Shin Se Kyung not Han Se Kyung, right?). And Song Seung Heon isn't very good actor either so I had no interest in watching them act together. I don't think I've missed out on anything either, considering the fact that the drama has angered many people out with the way the romantic triangle has turned out.


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