30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 6

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 6

Favourite drama OST song or favourite drama OST as a whole? In any case this is going to take a while since I have so many favourites. I guess I'll do it this way: first I'll list some of my favourite Asian drama OSTs as whole and then just a random list of my favourite songs from dramas. I've actually wanted to do a list like this many times before, but the thought of having to single out my ultimate favorites has been too overwhelming. So don't take this as a conclusive list, especially because my favourites keep changing. But I tried to do my best for the sake of this challenge. I have to warn you though, this is going to be a loooong post.

Answer Me 1997 OST

Love love love. This whole soundtrack is perfection, it's nostalgic and beautifully put together, it includes some good old American classics and it includes older Korean songs that any true K-pop fan should be familiar with. I was so impressed by this soundtrack that I am still watching the drama over and over, hoping to find more additions to my music collection. My favorites from the OST are: Riaa's "Tears", Sechs Kies' "Couple", Deli Spice's "Confession" and "Chau Chau"The Bee Gees' "Holiday" and The Carpenters' "Yesterday Once More". Also don't forget to listen to Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk's lovely duet songs "All for You" and "Just The Way We Love".

What's Up? OST

My only strife with this one is that almost none of the songs in this musical drama were never released as real OST tracks. I am so angry with the person who prevented me from getting the full versions of these songs, because this entire soundtrack was awesome. The actors sung incredibly well and the songs were very suitable for the scenes they were featured in. My favourites are: Daesung's "Lunatic", Jo Jung Suk's Engrishy but lovely rendition of Grease's "Those Magic Changes", Kim Ji Won and Jo Jung Suk's haunting duet from ep 12, Kim Ji Won and Jo Jung Suk's duet from ep 15, Daesung's "This is the Moment" and of course "What's Up?" which is both covered by Im Joo Eun and played as it was originally performed by 4 Non-Blondes. Too bad that rest of the songs were with so many interruptions. But you can rip most of the songs here thanks to the kind friends at A Virtual Voyage.

The Princess' Man OST

What I like about sageuks is that they oftentimes have very good instrumental tracks, in fact every sageuk drama I've seen has had some pretty awesome background music. The most memorable one is perhaps The Princess' Man because it features really beautiful instrumental songs that I love and I thought they really emphasized every moment in the drama to perfection. But there were also some good ballads that I really enjoyed. My favourites from this OST are: "Vola", "Destino", "I Want to Love Again", Park Wan Kyu's "One Day of Love", Baek Ji Young's "Today I Love You Too". (Unfortunately, this whole Park Shi Hoo saga has kinda ruined this drama for me.) 

Arang and the Magistrate OST

I didn't immediately thought of this drama's OST as to be my among my ultimate favourites, but once I started thinking about the songs that I loved from this drama, I realized that there are too many to not to include the OST as a whole in this list. As I said before, I love instrumental tracks from sageuk dramas and Arang is no different for it has those really beautiful longing background melodies that I adore. My favorites are: MC Sniper's "Mask Dance", Shin Min Ah's "Black Moon", Baek Ji Young's "Love and Love", "Love Theme", and instrumental track called "대무녀" because I don't know how to translate the title.

List of my favourite songs from different dramas in no particular order:

Sung Joon - "Jaywalking" from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Ai Otsuka - "Planetarium" from Hana Yori Dango

Lee Sun Hee "Fox Rain" from My Girflfriend is a Gumiho

Jung Yong Hwa "Because I Miss You" from Heartstrings

"My Man Kim Boong Do" from Queen In Hyun's Man

Magic Power - "Who Am I?" from P.S. Man 

Remioromen - "Konayuki" from One Litre of Tears

Hyun Bin - "That Man" from Secret Garden

Bolin Chen - "I Won't Love You" from In Time With You

Lasse Lindh - "I Could Give You Love" from I Need Romance 2

J-Min - "Stand Up" from To The Beautiful You

Jo Jung Suk - "Girl" from The King 2 Hearts
*angry sidenote: Seung-Gi-yahhh, why didn't you let him finish the song?!*

Lee Seung Gi - "Losing My Mind" from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Taru - "I Hope You Can Be" from Me Too, Flower!

Ring Ding Della - "I Love Him" from Autumn's Concerto

Ok Joo Hyun ft SG Wannabe - "Page One" from Coffee House

Big Baby Driver - "Spring I Love You Best" from A Gentleman's Dignity

Lee Yoon Ji - "First Love" from The King 2 Hearts

Lyn - "Back in Time" from The Moon Embracing The Sun

Hong Pei Yu - "Tip-toe Love" from In Time with You"

Lee Min Ki - "Not in Love" from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Hwang Ji Hyun - "I Don't Want to Say Good-bye" from Coffee House

And finally, no K-drama soundtrack list would be complete without the song we all just LOVE to HATE. It doesn't even matter if I liked listening to it 50 times per episode or not, because I wasn't really given a choice:

T-Max - "Paradise" from Boys Over Flowers

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  1. Ai Otsuka's Planetarium!! <3 I'm glad it's one of your list. :)

    1. Of course, it has to be. I love that song! :)

  2. You know.. I'm getting the feeling that you are just cheating on this "challenge" hehehe.. Never picking just one drama, or song. BUT I understand you. Haha.

    I'm almost done with Autumn's Concerto.. and I think I will definitely be looking up the entire soundtrack soon. So many great songs. That the drama uses wisely and at great scenes. :)

    1. I am totally cheating. But I just cannot choose one show or one song, that would be impossible. So I am bending the rules a bit.

      I haven't watched Autumn's Concerto as a full, so the only soundtrack song I know is by Ring Ding Della. If one day I have enough time, I might try to watch this show from start to finish and get some additions to my Asian music collection.

  3. I'm half convinced that "I Could Give You Love" is the only thing that kept me watching I Need Romance 2 Once the Second Lead Syndrome set in.

    1. Yeah, by the end of the drama I was kinda rooting more for the second lead than the first lead. The song's awesome though.


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