30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 5

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 5

Good question. Actually I don't cry a lot in real life, in that sense I am kind of a reserved person. So you can conclude that I don't really get very emotional when watching dramas, I may feel happy when the OTP gets together and feel sad when someone dies, but I very very rarely actually cry because of it. But yes, there have been a couple of very special series that I specifically remember to have gotten me to shed tears. And by crying I mean cry, like real tears.

One Litre of Tears

Well, the title literally says a litre of tears so it shouldn't be a surprise that I cried loads when I was watching this show. In fact, this is probably the saddest drama I've ever watched (or at least it was back then). Unlike Korean melodramas where people die of cancer all the time and get hit by trucks or whatever, this Japanese show never got melodramatic or overbearing. It was a simple show with a lot of emotion and that's why it hit me so hard. But interestingly enough, although the series was very sad it was also very inspirational. If there is a time when you feel like nothing's worth fighting for, then watch this drama because it will teach you how to appreciate life.

Shut Up: Flower Boy Band

Yes, I cried a little when I watched this show. It was the heartwarming friendship and bromance that got me really emotional. Near the end of the series, the boys get into a big fight and our main character Ji Hyuk has to give up his dreams and give up on dating Soo Ah. At that point everything feels so hopeless and I can't help but feel incredibly sad for him. Ji Hyuk's so alone with his problems and he has no family to rely on as the only family he had were his friends, but they're no longer beside him. It's heartbreaking to watch. Sung Joon acted so perfectly in those last few episodes and I just got really teary-eyed while watching. I admit, I was truly afraid for the boys' friendship for a second there, but thank god the show didn't end there. And I'd better not talk about Byung Hee...

They Kiss Again/It Started with a Kiss 2

Actually I've never really watched the Taiwanese version of It Started with a Kiss/Itazura na Kiss/Playful Kiss in full, but I've watched a couple of episodes here and there and just skipped to scenes that I like. But there is one scene in the second season of the show that gets me every single time when I watch it. It's at the beginning of episode 11, where Ariel Lin's character Xiang Qin goes to tell Joe Cheng's character Zhi Shu that their anniversary coming soon, but he is very cold to her (well, colder than he usually is). It's because he is unable to deal with his overwhelming feelings of jealousy but naturally he doesn't explain that to her. So instead he leads her to believe that he doesn't care about their marriage at all and Xiang Qin is heartbroken because she thinks her worst fear is true - that Zhi Shu never really loved her. So she exits the room and cries right behind the door asking why he married her in the first place. It's a very sad scene with raw realistic emotion, and the the acting by both Ariel and Joe is truly captivating. I'm not sure why this scene always makes my heart a little achy, but it does. 

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  1. hah. But I cry all the time in dramas. It's usually the children or some family-stuff that gets me, more than the romance.

    Maybe I should check out One Litre of Tears -- sounds like I'd like it.

    1. I've realized that there are pretty much only two things that get me to cry about shows or movies. First, I have a weak spot for all animal films and those really make me cry more than anything. For instance last one I watched was Owen Wilson's so called comedy Marley & Me that left me with wet eyes and a very sore heart.
      And the other thing that gets me to cry is when a character is very lonely and has no one to turn to, so they just have to live in their lonely existence. I don't know why, but that always gets me. That's one of the reasons why I was so touched by A Werewolf Boy and the loneliness and isolation of Song Joong Ki's character. Although, I can also kiiinda count that as a sort of animal film..so that may be the other reason why I cried when watching that movie.

      You should totally try out One Litre of Tears. It's really touching and there is a lot of that family-stuff there too so prepare your tissues.

    2. Oh yes. Animal stories make me cry like a baby, too.
      And I heard Korea is going to re-make "One litre of tears". Must watch the original before Korea fangles it. heh.

    3. I dunno about that remake. On the one hand I think it is impossible to top the Japanese version. I am worried that the Korean remake is going to be made into this huge melodrama, which is totally not what the Japanese version was.
      But on the other hand, I do think that if Park Bo Young is cast as Aya then I might wanna watch it. She is the only person I can imagine in Aya's role, she has that gentle sweetness to her that Erika Sawajiri did.

  2. Next time I feel like having a private cry-fest, I'll do 1 Litre of Tears. And don't get me wrong. There are times where I just ACHE to find a drama good enough to cry over. Apart from sometimes having severe (but mometary) empathy for characters, I've only found a handful of dramas (and TV shows in general!) that have made me sob like a madwoman. Autumn in My Heart - until I just ran out of tears 6 episodes in and wanted it to end already, SUFFB.... .... ..., select scenes from Jewel in the Palace, and maybe Big. But that was more out of frustration than genuine sadness ;)

    1. For a private cry-fest I think 1 Litre of Tears will do perfectly.

      Yes, sometimes we all want a drama that just 'hurts so good'. But I guess it's better that there are only so few shows that sincerely make us cry. Otherwise, we would cry all day in front of our screens, spend weeks being depressed about a drama character's death, and eventually our friends and family would have to make an intervention :D We wouldn't want that.

  3. I'm Sorry I Love You I'll still cry if I even hear the OST for it. So glad I wasn't around when it was in it's heyday... even parody's of it make me tear up a bit.

    ISWAK such an annoying lead. I have serious hate for her character traits, but ArJoe was so good I watched it all and the sequel too. Couldn't handle her in Playful Kiss though.

    1. I haven't seen I'm Sorry I Love You yet, but I'm planning to someday. We'll see if it can make me cry.

  4. well hello who didnt cried while watching 1 litre of tears?
    except for those who didnt even watch or she/he have problems with feeling
    i cried almost every episode, thank goodness japan drama doesnt have a lot of episode
    the most heartbreaking drama that i watch so far.
    even i watched more than 10 times i still cried when i watch it

    1. It ain't called 1 Litre of Tears for nothin'.


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