30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 3

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Day 3 

Okay, so after two relatively easy posts we've suddenly come to a really tough one. To answer this question I had to search out my big ol' drama list containing pretty much every drama I've ever watched. But as I was browsing through it, I realized that I have never really forced myself to watch dramas that I hate. So instead of one single 'the worst drama I've seen' I'm just gonna give you a small brief list of dramas that I think are just bad.
Oh and don't think that the fact that this list only contains Korean dramas means anything. It's just because I've seen much much more K-dramas than TW/J-dramas. There have also been very bad Japanese and Taiwanese shows, but I've dropped them immediately and so I can't really vouch for them in the same way. 

Big - Actually I didn't hate it that much. But what it made it so bad was because how incredily disappointing this was in the end, and not just to me. Hong Sisters got lazy with this one.

Boys Over Flowers - Yes, I loved it, but in terms of quality this is also one of the worst dramas I've finished. And I am forever scarred by "AAAAALLMOOST PAAARADISEE!".

Dream High 2 - This is one of the rare dramas that I finished just because I could write a review about how terrible it was. Characters were bipolar, writing inconsistent, music relatively meh, and the main love quadrangle drove me nuts. 

Dr. Jin - Only watched the first episode and read some Dramambeans' recaps, but I could see already from the very first episode that this was of horrendeous quality. BUT, if I had friends who watch dramas and we wanted to drink some wine and watch something hilarious then this, for sure, would be the drama I'd pick because it's so fun to mock.

Fashion King - WHY? HOW? WHAT? I still can't believe that Yoo Ah In was in it? And Lee Je Hoon? Honestly, this show should have committed a suicide.

Lie to Me - If I had watched this when I first got into dramas then maybe I would have liked it, even loved it to some extent. However, for such a drama to come out in 2011 was disappointing. The kisses were good and there was Sung Joon, but the romance was so cheesy and the plot included almost every romcom cliche in the book. 

Thousand Years of Love - Not sure if I personally am entitled to put it in this list since except for the fact that it was of terrible quality, I don't remember anything else about this drama. I probably never even got to episode 2. But then again, when I googled 'worst asian dramas' this show's title came up a lot.

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  1. Now you've got me googling 'worst asian dramas' Lol.

    Of these, I've only seen Big, BOF, and Lie to Me. I dropped BOF, I labored through Big, and Lie to Me was my first drama, so for nostalgia's sake I don't think it was too bad - but if I went back and watched it again, I think I would it hate it immensely. For that reason, I shall never rewatch it. I like keeping my good memories intact. Hehe xD

    1. Lie To Me disappointed me a lot. I was actually really excited for that drama because it had Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye (both extremely good on-screen kissers, BTW) and the premise sounded fun. But with each episode it just got more cheesy and cliched, so I eventually just quit because it never lived up to being a fun romcom.

  2. Of the ones I've seen, I agree with your bad list. What's interesting to me is that they're a lot of firsts for me. "Boys over Flowers" was my very first k-drama, "Fashion King" was my very first live-watch, "Big" was my first "okay, it's starting to look bad but maybe they'll fix it" experience. Which is maybe why I've seen them all the way through?


    1. BOF was also my first K-drama and that's probably why I saw that one all the way through myself. I don't think I wouldn't be able to finish it if I were to watch BOF for the first time today.

  3. I have the same feelings about BOF. When I watched it while it was airing, it was like crack. When I came back to it months later to finish it, the romance was gone and I was able to see the drama for what it really was. I had to laugh at your "Almost Paradise" Comment.

    I still haven't finished Dream High, so why in the world did I watch Dream High 2? Ye gads that was a god awful drama which had no plot. Seriously. I don't know how this drama also won the Best Soundtrack during the DramaFever awards. There were dramas with better.

    I dropped Big when I peeked at the ending. WTF!!!! After the time jump is right when I stopped watching and I refused to watch it again after learning of its ending.

    I think I've tried watching all others, but never completed them. Dr. Jin was mostly because I loved the Japanese version too much to like the Korean version even with it's stellar cast.

    1. I think everybody feels the same about BOF.

      Whut? Dream High 2 won Best Soundtrack at Dramafever? I mean the soundtrack wasn't totally bad, but for a music drama it was quite disappointing. And last year we had so many dramas with much better sountracks.

      Yeah, I've heard that the Japanese version of Dr. Jin was really good. I wonder how did the Korean one get it so wrong?

  4. I agree with you 100%.

    BOF is really crack. It's so much fun when everyone is doing it together. As one of many people's first it has a special place, but once you've moved on to bigger better things it's just an embarrassing mess.

    If they had just woken that kid up for 2 minutes to film the end of BIG it would've been 100% better. He did just fine in his first few episodes but cutting him out for the sexier Gong Yoo in the end was a mistake.

    I think one of the worst things about Dream High 2 was JB didn't like the lead girl. Sure they were ok but you could see he was so much more into JiYeon so it made the love story unbelievable. Then JiYeon and Jinwoon were great together too.

    I have realized I love to hate Fashion King. It had so much potential and I think people wound up hating it because it's the story of Money corrupting instead of a good time. Let's be honest he turned into a douchebag and who wants to see that. I loved the endgame couple as well they needed each other and I hope they're happy now.

    1. The only character I liked in Dream High 2 was Jinwoon's character, but in the end his character was totally screwed over with that lousy ending. He didn't get the girl and he didn't become a star. And yet, he was the only one who deserved it.

      I broke it off with Fashion King before I could see the male lead turning into a douche. The show already disappointed me on so many levels with just the first two episodes. I was really hoping that we would finally get a good fashion-themed drama, but no...so disappointing.


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