30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 2

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Day 2:

I can once again say that I have actually already answered this question under my Currently Watching page. But since I want to do this challenge right and not skip any questions, I'm still gonna discuss these dramas here as well.

Among Korean dramas the first one I am watching is Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love which is quite popular it seems. Well at least among international viewers. I am already behind with this drama, because I am very busy these days and have to take things a bit slower than usual. Although I see people raving about this drama I have not yet reached the point where I feel equally excited. 
I do like the chemistry between Kim Tae Hee and Yoo Ah In and of course visually they make a very pretty couple. And luckily Kim Tae Hee, who is known to be not a very good actress, is actually quite lovely here. I enjoy her sageuk speech and I think the role suits her quite well. As for the story, well I guess I need to watch more of the show to really get invested because so far I am still a bit lost in the political affairs.

You're The Best, Lee Soon Shin is surprisingly the show I follow most diligently right now. I guess it is because this is the show that requires the least amount of my attention as it is long and it takes time for the story to move on. So because I have a lot to do these days, I tend to avoid dramas where I have to concentrate a lot to understand the plot. With Lee Soon Shin I can just sit back and rest, skip the boring parts and just watch the cute ones. 
Like I've said several times before, the story is nothing unheard of but it is comforting. The only things that I dislike about this show (aside from the length) are the birth secret storyline (for obvious reasons) and pretty much all the moms in the show. Really, the moms are getting on my nerves. There is this chicken-ahjumma, who never keeps her mouth shut and goes on blabbering and spying about things that are none of her business. Then we have Soon Shin's grandma who has always been mean to Soon Shin and blames her for almost everything. Although lately she has been more likable than Soon Shin's mom who used to be so sweet and caring, but now has turned into a depressing black hole. The latter keeps everything to herself and then lets out her anger on Soon Shin. And finally we have Soon Shin's biological mom who can be quite cool sometimes, but at the end of the day she still only cares about herself.

Tamra The Island aired back in 2009 when I wasn't interested in anything sageuk-like, but after seeing people give quite good ratings to it I wanted to try it out. I am watching the director's cut version (21 episodes instead of 16), which, as I am told, is better and doesn't rush things near the end. The show started out silly, but it's getting better already. If you're more curious about what I think of the show, stay tuned for my First Impressions post, which I am in the middle of writing.

I also just started watching Nine: 9 Times Time Travel and I've been planning to write a First Impressions post on it, but I am still at the first episodes where the actual story is just starting. But so far I can say that the show has impressed me. It is intriguing and intense, but without being melodramatic (at least not yet). Lee Jin Wook is awesome and I am really interested in the background of his character's family. It's too soon to say more about the show, but I really like where it is heading.

I am also watching two Japanese shows. The first one is Saikou no Rikon, a very unique relationship drama, where the characters are struggling with their difficult marriages. The characters are sometimes difficult to like, but every once in a while we get a very good emotional scene that really makes us see why they are acting this way. And the ending credits are hilarious.

Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo, however, is a show I don't think I need to introduce to any drama addict. There are so many versions of this show (It Started with a Kiss and They Kiss Again, Itazura na Kiss 1996, Mischievous/Playful Kiss) that I'm sure everyone has seen at least one of these versions. But what I like about this newest adaption is that it has a nice episodic pace that doesn't make me feel bored even though I know the story. Also, the main girl is not so terribly annoying and clumsy all the time, and that alone makes this show much better. 

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  1. I'm getting worse and worse about the number of dramas I'm watching at any given time. But, it's barely a drop compared to some of you guys. :) Still, 3 currently airing shows is touch on me (Itazura, Jang Ok Jung, Last Cinderella). I intend to watch Nine at some point - maybe when I can marathon it though.

    Looking forward to the rest of your 30 Day Challenge! I'll probably end up doing it at some point. Just haven't been feeling that the time is right. :)

    1. I've always wanted to do 30 Day Challenge. I actually planned to do it when I started this blog, but I'm glad I didn't because my answers would have been entirely different from what they are going to be now. I feel like I've grown to be a much better drama-fan since the starting days of this blog. So I feel like now is just the right time do this challenge. Hopefully I'll see you doing it soon too, it would be fun too see what answers you would give :)

  2. So happy you took up the challenge! I am thinking I will do both sets and will start on the one you are doing after I complete the first one.

    Tooo many dramas watching at one time. :P So much drama and life keeps getting in the way.

    1. Yes, this challenge is really fun. But unfortunately I am really busy these days so I cannot keep up with answering to these questions daily like you do. Plus, some of the questions are quite hard actually :P

  3. yes yes yes please do first impression on nine.
    i do looooveeee this drama so much
    despite jin wook as a anchor i mean hot/handsome anchor i really love him
    this drama always make me want to watch or know whats next?-like
    yoon hee and jin wook really a cute couple in this drama.
    glad that jin wook break up with choi jin woo
    both jin wook n yoon hee only a year apart.

    1. Nine is in my list of dramas to finish, but I'm afraid it'll take some time before I get around to writing about it. But I'll definitely write a review on it someday.


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