30 Day Asian Drama Challenge: Day 10

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 10

Now that's a difficult one. Especially since I can't really compare myself with Asian drama heroines, who are mostly very positive, bubbly and hard-working - something which is totally not me. I would have to say that there hasn't really been a drama character that has all of my main characteristics. I have a lot of traits that contradict itself, so it's kinda hard to find a character that is filled with so many contradictions like myself. But let's just say that I am a combination of...

....Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye) from Flower Boy Next Door....

Well, duh! She's an introverted writer who doesn't take a step outside her apartment, unless there's a fire under her bed. And I am a drama addict who spends her free time either in front of her laptop gorging down a ridiculous amount of dramas and then writing about them, or in front of her laptop reading about how other people are gorging down a ridiculous amount of dramas. Fortunately my daily obligations won't allow me to become an extreme hermit like her, but let's just say that one some days I hate being around people and I would be very tempted to avoid all contact with them if I had the chance. It's not like I'm totally antisocial or hate going out and mingling with other people. But essentially I am an introvert like Dok Mi. I like my privacy and I don't really care much for being around strangers. I can relate to her reasons for staying inside and not letting other people in, because I too sometimes want to avoid the world altogether rather than let it beat me down. But since I don't live in a K-drama, I just don't have the luxury to live like Dok Mi, even though my introverted-self secretly kinda really wants to.

...and Oh Doo Ri (Im Joo Eun) from What's Up?.

Yeah, believe it or not, but despite of my introverted shy side, I think I also am pretty similar to Doo Ri in real life. I mean I don't look nearly as edgy and badass as her, but the way she thinks is pretty similar to the way how I think. She isn't naive and doesn't let herself be walked over by other people. She can also be pretty biting with her remarks, but once you get to know her she is also compassionate and trustworthy - I believe I am like that too. Also, I have some of those tomboyish traits that she does (though, I'm also pretty girly too) because I grew up with two older brothers. For example, like Doo Ri I also think playing violent video games can be really fun (especially zombie-killing games). And if I had a set of drums at my disposal, I would totally use them to let out my frustrations like her. And finally, just like Doo Ri I'm also not very emotional kind of girl, we both let people see our gentler side only when they've earned our full trust. And that trust doesn't come easy.

I also sometimes tend to incline towards this 4D-personality (which is a very apt Korean term for being a bit goofy or odd, and which is used to describe people who think a bit differently), but I can't think of a character that expresses the same kind of 4D-ness that I have. Something a bit similar to Park Tae Yi (Kim Ji Won) also from What's Up? but without the naiveness and the crying. 

See, I told you that my personality traits contradict each other.

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  1. I would pick the same people for myself—with the addition of a little stalker-esque Shi-Won from Answer Me, 1997 ;)

    (You should be thanking your lucky stars I live in America, Gong Yoo.)

    1. Ha then we're quite similar :)

      Gong Yoo should be too relieved tho. Maybe one day you'll go to Korea and have the perfect chance to put you Shi Won-like stalker skills to use :D :D

  2. It's awesome that you mix-matched traits of each to represent yourself. :)
    Nice to know you 4D Go Doo-yi shi.

    1. Go Doo Yi? Haha, I like it, now it's going to be my K-drama name.

  3. You mention What's Up so many times in so many of your posts, I'm really curious to watch it now. I must have been living under a rock when it aired or something.

    1. Well, yeah...I'm probably going to mention it a lot more :D But it's because What's Up? is one of my all time favourites.

      I think What's Up? had some trouble finding a network to air them, so when it finally did people had kinda forgotten that such a drama was supposed to come out. Even I was at point sure that the project would be dropped entirely because there were no news about it. But when it finally aired I really loved it. It's not perfect, but it has some pretty awesome characters with heartfelt stories. And the music is amazing. You could try it out sometime :)


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