2PM - "Come Back When You Hear This Song" + "All Day I Think of You"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am ashamed of myself. I have never really listened to 2PM's music. I know "Heartbeat", I know "Again & Again", I know "Hands Up", but I have never really listened to these songs. The only song that I have downloaded from them is "Tik Tok", otherwise I just watch their music videos for their dancing. And let's not kid myself, I sometimes also just like to watch handsome guys in music videos, no matter the music. 
But now I am going a bit gaga over them because their comeback songs "Come Back When You Hear This Song" and "All Day I Think of You/A.D.T.O.Y." from their 3rd album Grown are totally to my taste.

First we have "Come Back When You Hear This Song", which sounds kinda like a ballad has been sped up and then a dance beat has been added to it. It's not the kind of song that totally blows me away, but I still like it a lot and the more I listen to it the more I fall in love with it. I also like that differently from many of their earlier songs, here I can actually hear their musical talent. I've had this same problem with Super Junior before, where their songs oftentimes display the least amount of their vocal abilities and are more focused on just being catchy. I like catchy songs, but I also want to hear how good their voices are so there needs to be a balance between the two. Maybe this is just me, but I do feel that with this comeback 2PM shows much improvement in the singing department.
The lyrics, like the title already says, are about a man regretting letting his loved one go. So he sings a song for her, hoping she would hear and come back. How sweet and sad at the same time. 

The music video, on the other hand, is kinda 'meh' to me. There is a good idea behind, but the execution is lacking. As explained already by Eat Your Kimchi, the video is about the seven sins - lust, gluttony, pride etc - and it shows 2PM members as representations of these sins. However, with such a unique concept you really have to play it up and be more creative than that. On the plus side though, the boys are super attractive in the vid. I also love the dance, which does have some Broadway-like elements but I like it. Actually, I've always liked 2PM's dances because their dances have that masculinity that other boy groups' often don't have. Another thing that I like are the outfits, which also have that Broadway-costume-like quality to them but at the same time they aren't over-accessorized or in pastel colours or anything. They are just nice, well-tailored and classy. Other boy groups, take note!

And then next we have "All Day I Think of You/A.D.T.O.Y.", which I love. It starts out with rap sequences, which initially made me think this was going to be a hip-hop song, but then it becomes this smooth R&B'ish sexy song that has a very catchy chorus - "ppuniya (ppuniya) ppuniya (ppuniya)". The lyrics are about a man desiring this woman whom he cannot get out of his mind and how he spends all his day thinking about her. The rap sequences are with a very decent flow. And although I don't really think of Taecyeon as the best K-pop rapper, in this song both him and Chansung do a really good job. Then we have Junho and Nichkhun showing off their ability to produce some really high notes, while I personally actually love Junsu/Jun. K's and Wooyoung's parts the best. All in all, this is just an awesome song that is hard to get out of your head.

As for the music video, well again, it's nothing too special. I like the black & white filter but there isn't much of a story to this video other than the members all being infatuated with a girl who in the end turns out to be the same fateful woman. So story-wise, this video isn't much to talk about. BUT holy smokes is this music video hot! The dancing, the clothes, the way the members straightly look at the camera - it all just plain sexy. I don't usually fangirl about these things, but these guys are just super attractive! I mean really. It's not like other K-pop idols are ugly, actually far from it, but it's just that 2PM is one of the manliest and best-dressed boy groups out there - and that is something that I have learned to appreciate when it comes to K-pop. Also, they aren't stick skinny and look healthy and strong. No wonder they are called beastly idols.
The dance to this song is awesome. I love the way they use chairs in this dance, and even those little movements with their feet while sitting is a very cool addition to the dance. And of course we have that hip-swaying move in the chorus, which is something you wouldn't expect from a boy group because hip-swaying is more of a girl-thing, but here it still look sexy yet masculine. Also, someone hilariously pointed out in the Youtube comments that at 3:16 mark you can see something that looks like Kwang Soo's trademark dance which we all know from Running Man. And it kinda really does actually.

What also slightly surprised me about 2PM is that they can actually sing really well in live. Not that I thought they would suck, but sometimes K-pop groups don't really put that much effort in singing live, even when they do have the ability. However, in both these live performances below, 2PM sings all parts perfectly despite the fact that they also dance quite a lot in both songs. I am especially impressed by Junho and Nichkhun who manage to sing their high notes just like they do in the music recording. Both performances are awesome. Enjoy:

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  1. Mmmmhmmmmm.
    These guys are are just hot!

    I never really listened to their music before either, and in fact never really liked any of the songs, though I tolerated a few if I happened upon them somewhere.

    I can't say I really love Come Back When You Hear This Song (wow that's long to type), but also did a little mouth drop at Martina complaining how it looked like a musical. [Hey! I LIKE musicals!] Their clothes are just damned tasteful and look spectacular.

    ADTOY though... phew. I mean. I like the song. And the dance. And the guys. Mostly I prefer the live versions. I never realized they had such good singers in this group before either. I'm thoroughly impressed (and slightly fangirlish - just slightly!) ;)

    1. I like musicals too! I was kinda surprised that Martina doesn't, but I personally like that Broadway-kind of style they were aiming for in that music video.

      Yeah, I didn't really think of 2PM as very good singers so far either, but now I see that they can sing really well. So they aren't just a bunch of really good-looking guys, but a bunch of really good-looking AND really talented guys. They definitely seem to have been improving their singing for this long-awaited comeback.

  2. Great post!! I'm not much in the know about kpop since I don't really listen to it, but I have to admit, these boys are hawt. And the music vids are hawt too.. especially the black & white one. Gorgeous all over. Thanks for this! :)

    1. Yeah, the hotness of these guys is no joke. I've probably watched that black & white one too many times.


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