Teen Top, Infinite, SHINee (+ f(x)'s Victoria), Boyfriend, and B.A.P. for 1st Look, Cosmopolitan and High Cut

Monday, April 22, 2013

There is a serious boy group galore in this season's fashion magazine pictorials. 

For April's issue of CosmopolitanTeen Top wears colorful outfits that contrast with the simple white background. Meanwhile in 1st Look, Infinite's members Woohyun, L and Hoya engage in a street football match with Asian Football Confederation’s U-19 championship winners Kim Seung Jun, Oh Young Jun, and Kang Sang Woo for Nike's new football collection. And lastly, High Cut brings us a series of different photoshoots of  boy groups SHINee (with f(x)'s Victoria), Boyfriend and B.A.P. 

 Infinite's L, Woohyun and Hoya with Kim Seung Jun, Oh Young Jun, and Kang Sang Woo:

SHINee with f(x)'s Victoria:



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