Melody of Lyrics: Park Bo Young - My Prince (A Werewolf Boy OST)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Wow, haven't done these Melody of Lyrics posts for a while now. Sorry for that. Even though I know these posts might not be among my most popular ones, I still feel bad for not doing them regularly. 
Anywhoo, today I decided to pick a love song and ultimately decided for A Werewolf Boy's soundtrack song "My Prince", sung by actress Park Bo Young. It is a beautiful little ballad about young blossoming love, accompanied by guitar.

English translation:

All night, I wait for the sun to rise out the window
Because when morning comes, I can meet that person
Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for looking into my eyes
Thank you, my prince that I’ve dreamed of, for appearing before me

All day, I wait for the moon to rise in the sky
Because when night comes, I can talk to you
Don’t forget our promise, don’t forget our secrets
Don’t forget how my heart raced when you looked at me

(English translation from: Pop!gasa. All credit goes to the translator. Hangul and romanzation at Chacha.)

Why I like these lyrics:

Truthfully, the reason why I like these lyrics is because I loved the film so much. Having seen the film these lyrics remind me of the relationship between the main characters and their sweet little moments together. But there is also a certain kind of sadness in the melody played with the guitar, which combined with the lyrics give a bit of a lingering sorrowful shade to the song. Just as if the lyrics are spoken looking back on young innocent love, even though it is sung in the present tense. I dunno how to put it exactly, but I like how the lyrics can be happy and kinda sorrowful at the same time.

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  1. i agree with with u,,the lyric are so meaningfull n wonderfull,,just listen to the song, make me see all the moment they spent together,n i really2 love this movie,,its awesome so do the lead actor n actress.

  2. i want to watch this series. where i can find this series??

    1. This is not a drama series. It is a movie titled A Werewolf Boy. You should be able to download it at or stream it online at :)

  3. you can see it on youtube

  4. loved d movie n this song ☺


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