Introducing K-variety: Dad! Where Are You Going?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's time to introduce another Korean variety series - the sweet, funny and heartwarming show called Dad! Where Are You Going? This recent addition to the world of K-variety seems to have already won the hearts of many international viewers as I've seen and read several blog posts about this show from quite a few drama-bloggers. And now it is my turn to say good things about this show.
Dad! Where Are You Going? is a totally adorable show about celebrity dads and their children going on trips around Korea, in order to bond and get to know each other better. It's such a nice premise, because celebrity dads might usually be quite busy with work and don't get to spend that much time with their kids. So it's great that they are able to now work and bond with their children at the same time. And all the while us viewers can enjoy the cute and the funny interactions between them. Everybody wins.
The show has a very simple concept. You could actually say that it's kinda like 1 Night 2 Days for they just travel around Korea's countryside and have to fend for themselves by completing certain challenges or playing games. Only, differently from 1N2D where grown men act like little children, we've got actual kids in this show. Ha. And since I like 1N2D, this concept fits well with me already. 
Our cast includes 5 celebrity dads and 5 kids: TV announcer Kim Sung Joo and his son Kim Min Guk, actor Sung Dong Il and his son Sung Joon, actor Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Lee Jun Soo, singer Yoon Min Soo and his son Yoon Hoo, and finally soccer star Song Jong Kook and his daughter Song Ji Ah.

Kim Min Guk is the eldest of the children and thus also the most intelligent out of them. But although Min Guk has some leader/hyung-qualities, he is also a bit spoiled, so he takes it very hard whenever he and his dad lose a challenge. It seems that out of the five kids, he is perhaps the biggest crybaby. He and his dad Kim Sung Joo are followed by bad luck in the first episodes and have to accept some uncomfortable sleeping arrangements. Even though Min Guk is very unhappy about it, Sung Joo believes that this might help his son to toughen up a bit.

When we first meet Sung Dong Il's son Joon, it seems that he's on the quiet-sensitive side and slightly afraid of his dad, who is the most strict out of the five dads. But it's a bit misleading, because Joon is smart, the most mature out of the kids and he isn't that prone to crying. Since Dong Il has made it clear that he doesn't like whining and crying, Joon has grown to be well-mannered and patient. He actually kinda reminds me of the kid-version of Boys Over Flowers' Ji Hoo/Rui with his poised presence. And though Dong Il might seem like he's harsh sometimes, he's actually really trying to bond with Joon, especially because he himself didn't have a close relationship with his own father.

Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Jun Soo are probably the parent-child team that is most similar to one another. Both have playful and easy-going personalities, making it sometimes seem like they're both under 10. Jun Soo always has a smile on his face and he's the one who gets sidetracked from completing challenges, either because of his poor memory or because he finds something more fun to do. There is also one funny thing about Jun Soo - he is a very loud snorer, surprising even his own dad with it.

The most kind-hearted out of the children is Yoon Min Soo's son Hoo, who is always friendly and outgoing. Hoo is quite willing to share things and he is sweet enough to actually offer to trade sleeping places with Min Guk and his dad, just to stop poor Min Guk from crying. Hoo also loves to eat and Yoon Min Soo tells us that he eats 5-6 times a day. But what Hoo likes even more than eating is to hang out with Ji Ah, with whom he kinda shares a loveline in the show.

The only girl Ji Ah is the apple of his father Song Jong Kook's eye. Jong Kook admits that he is a bit of a fool around his daughter as he is willing do anything to make Ji Ah smile and to have her attention. But it doesn't seem like Ji Ah takes advantage of his father's kindness, perhaps because she's still too young. She is actually very sweet and has a big weakness for cute puppies and fluffly little chicks, which results in a very funny sequence in the first trip. And though Hoo likes Ji Ah, we are still wondering whose name she whispered in her dad's ear when he asked who does she like.

The verdict:

Dad! Where Are You Going? is utterly adorable. Even if you're not exactly a kid person like me, I can bet on it that you'll be having a hard time not having a constant smile on your face when watching this show. The kids are funny, cheerful and not at all whiny. And what's even sweeter is to see the kids and the dads learning to know each other better and developing their own separate relationship, just like children usually have with their moms. Overall, it is a perfect mixture of cuteness, warmth and humor. Don't miss it.

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  1. OMG this show sounds ADORABLE!!! <3 WHY have I not heard of this show before this post??? :P

    Thanks for the intro Indigo, now I need to find this show so that I can awww together with everyone else! ^^

    1. Well, it is a relatively new show. But I've heard people talk about quite a lot already, even some K-pop idols are big fans of this show. I guess nobody can resist the cuteness. Anyways, have fun watching it!

  2. That's so cool and the show seems to be pretty lovely! I guess, it's a watch worth :) You have such a cute blog btw, happy to find you.

    Keep bloggin'
    Lots of love, Maho

    1. Yup, this show is pretty lovely. Definitely try it out :) And thanks for stopping by and commenting, I'm happy you found me too.

  3. I've seen promos for this--it looks so cute!


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