Melody of Lyrics: Hot Potato - Pillow

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Hot Potato is a two-person (Kim C - vocal, guitar; Go Beom Jun - bass) band I've heard about occasionally and remembered by it's funny sounding name. Yet for a long time I had not listened to their music. It was only in in October when they returned a new album "Who Doesn't Like Sweet Things" that I came across "Pillow", which I started to really like. It is a slow folk rock song that captures the tenderness of Kim C's vocals, while spreading a strong message via lyrics. The lyrics were written by Kim C.

English translation:

Lying on the midnight seashore,
as I lend my arm (to her) as a pillow,
I feel my arm is going numb
So I stop thinking
I look out over there, then look at myself,
then breathe a sigh, and then look at the sky.

You're not the only one who has it
I'm not the only one who has it
It's the thing everyone can have

In the middle of the night
when I drink water to ease my thirst
the water starts spilling over, so I start thinking
"Things overflow downward, then, when love overflows
where would it go?"

You're not the only one who has it
I'm not the only one who has it
It's the thing everyone can have

Both right hand and left hand
are not enough to embrace 
an armful of (people)
I look out over there, then look at myself
then breathe a sigh, and then look at the sky

(Translation from dearkorea's channel in Youtube, visit her site

Brief discussion of the lyrics:

"Pillow" starts with the narrator beginning to wonder about "love" as he lends his arm as a pillow to someone he cares about. Even though his hand goes numb he bears with it because of love, which leads him to think that love is something that everyone should have. Then as he pours water into a glass he thinks that when pouring too much it would overflow downwards. So what if there was too much love, could he make it overflow downwards too? Could he give love to those in need? But at the same time he realizes that he doesn't have the means to help everyone, that his two arms just aren't enough to embrace everyone. 

And if looking at the music video, the same idea recurs. We see Kim C walking the wrong way in a moving sidewalk as he drops things to give to others. He's tired and struggling, because he's going against the current. What I think Kim C means to say with the lyrics (and the video) is that if we all tried to notice and help others around us, then maybe together we could make the current change. If we all showed more love and care to people in need, there would be enough arms to embrace everyone. 

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  1. love this section, melody of lyric.. i found so many beautiful songs with strong lyrics.. keep on updating it..

    1. Glad you like it because I actually really enjoy doing these posts, even though I don't write them very often.

  2. it's "to ease" not "to easy". thanks


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