Infinite H - Special Girl (ft Bumkey)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Now even though I've slightly missed the moment for writing this post (considering that the song in question came out about a month ago), I have been wanting to talk about Infinite and my recently found fondness for them quite a while now. And what would be a more convenient way to start than with Hoya and Dongwoo's subgroup Infinite H and their debut song "Special Girl".

Even though I wasn't immediately addicted to the song, I found it interesting how different members of Infinite pursue different musical styles from the group's usual repertory. We already saw Sunggyu making his solo with rockish "60 Seconds", and now it was Hoya and Dongwoo's turn show their talent for rap. It was actually impressive to see that the boys are capable of dropping a decent beat. And the more I listened to the song the more I liked it. The slow rhythmic beat, combined with Dongwoo and Hoya's low-pitched rap verses and Bumkey's beautiful high vocals is a great combination. It doesn't hurt that I'm easily smitten by cute guys who sing "cause you are my special girl" in a sweet voice over and over again.

And as for the lyrics, I quite appreciate the fact that they are easily understandable in both Korean and English. Because with K-pop, you learn to appreciate songs that aren't filled with silly attempts in finding a cool English hook that in reality doesn't make much sense. With "Special Girl" all of the English is coherent, well-pronounced and fitting in the context. Though, this should not come as a very big surprise since the lyrics are written by Beezino and Bumkey who seem to get English well enough to know what they're doing (unlike some lyricists in SM entertainment, for instance) and mix it with Korean in a logical way. Anyways, while the song isn't particularly meaningful, the lyrics are very sweet. 
In short, a guy sings about a girl that he likes, but is afraid to make a real confession because she hardly even knows him. And so he admires her from afar: 

Glimpsing at you without anyone noticing it became my habit
And sometimes, when our eyes meet
I become an actor acting as if it was nothing
Action, I often think about going to you and starting a conversation
But why do I always freeze when you just come in front of me?
I don’t know why girl
Oh my hairstyle is a bit better than the other men
The color of the brand new shirt I bought yesterday is a perfect decalcomanie of the blue sky
Today I want to hold back my pride and confess to you but
But it’s not that easy
I’m just staring blankly somewhere else
(Full lyrics at

And then the music video, which first and foremost is a very colorful one, starting from the very obviously fake-looking set and props to their questionable fashion and Dongwoo's pink hair. It is clearly very different from Infinite's usual music videos, which are more concentrated on the dancing sequences and are mostly in blue/grey/white tones. The basic plot for "Special Girl"s video is that the boys chase after the girl they like (who, as always in K-pop videos, is the same frickin' girl) but she is always surrounded by a number of other admirers and the boys can only do so little to catch her attention. I actually like the video, even though the ending leaves me a bit confused since we see Dongwoo and Hoya trying to make out with her, only she disappeares into thin air as it all had been just a dream sequence or something. 
Anyways, although this video is slightly more plot-oriented than Infinite's other ones it still has a separate dancing sequences as well. In fact, I really like the choreography which seems simple, but I'm sure that awesome wobbly-leg move is much harder to do than it looks (I won't try it myself, I might freak people out). 

One thing I was surprised about when I watched the live performances for "Special Girl" was that Hoya and Dongwoo sung the chorus themselves. Since I'm not that knowledgeable about Infinite, I kinda thought that they weren't really good singers which is why Bumkey sung the chorus. But once I heard Infinite H live, I was wondering why weren't they allowed to sing it themselves because I kinda like to hear their voices more. Not that I don't like Bumkey's vocals - which are beautiful - but I just like the idea of Hoya and Dongwoo taking turns in singing the chorus. But that just might be me.
Anywhoo, my favourite live performance is this Loen TV showcase, enjoy:

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  1. Yeah I really like Infinite H!Special girl is an amazing song!Especially the chorus! ^^

  2. Hadn't seen the live version! I like. Though I wasn't very fond of the song at first either, I think it's grown on me too. Mind you, I came into this totally prepared to adore them, and was a little disappointed when it wan't love at first sight. I'm hard to please sometimes. From what I've heard of their other songs, I don't think they'll ever be my favorite group (or sub-unit) but I do have a soft spot for Infinite in general, and especially for Hoya.

    1. I actually feel they'll be one of my favourite sub-groups from here on. IMO Infinite H did really well with this mini-album slash extended play, plus I really like "Special Girl" now. Though, I get why you might not care for Infinite H that much, because they really have a different style from Infinite usual music. So perhaps you prefer Infinite's style more, than their subgroup's. But it's totally okay because we all have our tastes :)

      By the way, I'm also feeling a certain fondness towards Hoya. He's got the moves.


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