Melody of Lyrics: Younha - Houki Boshi/Comet

Friday, January 04, 2013

For this week's Melody of Lyrics I wanted something more upbeat and cheerful than my usual picks. And Younha is one of those artists I've been meaning to talk about for a while now. She is a well-known Korean solo singer who actually debuted in Japan, back in 2004. The song "Houki Boshi/Comet" is her second Japanese single, which, according to Wikipedia, was chosen as the ending song for the Japanese anime series Bleach

English translation:

Looking up to the night sky alone, I saw a comet
In an instant it burst open, and disappeared
When I think of you, my heart aches
I want to see you right now
But I can't fly

If I could turn into a comet
I would run through the sky and fly
No matter what tomorrow is like, these feelings are strong
So this comet will never break open

When I grumble about hating it when it rains
I even now remember what you would say
Stars will come out beautifully in the night sky, after the rain
When I think about that
I think that I can grow to love the rain too

If I could turn into a comet
I would shed my overflowing light
Whenever I was sad, you would always look up to the night sky
And make it shine even more, so that I would smile

You're always alone, and fighting with something
But I can't be
At your side

If I could turn into a comet
I would run through the sky and fly
It will definitely reach you, in the light of this moment
Your moment shines, bringing the sky around
If I could turn into a comet
I would certainly be by your side, at any time

(Translation from JPopAsia, all credit goes to the translator. Click on the link for hangul and romanization.)

Why I like these lyrics:

Last week I talked about Park Bom's "You & I" and the message it had about friendship. So I kinda wanted to continue with the theme in this post too as "Houki Boshi" can also be interpreted in a similar way. The lyrics are about being there for your loved ones and appreciating all the support they've given you in the past. So, it's kind of an inspirational song you'd like to have as a soundtrack to your life. You know, like on those days when you're hanging out with your friends, going on little adventures and just having fun. The lyrics aren't particularly deep, but they make you feel motivated and happy.

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