Melody of Lyrics: Jo Sung Mo - To Heaven (Answer Me 1997 OST)

Friday, January 11, 2013

I know I said that I wouldn't do a Melody of Lyrics post this week, due to busy exam schedule, but since it won't take much time I decided do one anyways. 
I was listening to Answer Me 1997 OST (which I still think is perfection) and came upon Jo Sung Mo's "To Heaven", his debut song back in 1998. It's a wonderful ballad with heartbreaking lyrics and a classically dramatic mini-drama music video (that by the way, features some of today's A-list actors).

English translation:

Are you alright? How are you these days?
You aren't crying because I'm not there are you?
You used to come in my dreams every night
But why can't I see you these days?

Did something happen?
Did you go far away so that you can't come to me?
Are you mad because I try to look like I'm fine without you?
So are you just playing a joke on me as well?

When it is raining, are you hiding behind a cloud and crying?
All I do is worry about you, please don't do this to me
You know how I can't easily forget you just because I can't see you

In case I was having a hard time without you,
I kept your place empty so that I can meet a new love
But all I can fill in that place is despair

Don't be sorry even if you are far away
Your image from before is still filled up inside of me
It wont take that long until we meet in that place where there's no goodbye
Until then, just wait for me a little longer

(Translation from JPopAsia, all credit goes to the translator. Click on the link for hangul and romanization.)

Brief discussion of the lyrics:

The lyrics of the song are about missing someone who has passed away. It has been a while since the person died, and the narrator is worried about not seeing his loved one in his dreams anymore. Inevitably, the passing time makes it more difficult to remember thei person's face, even in dreams. But even so, the narrator refuses to let go, saying that someday they both will meet again in heaven.

What makes the lyrics more heartbreaking is the reason why Jo Sung Mo oftentimes cries when singing "To Heaven". Some while ago, he revealed in a talk show that the song reminds him of his autistic brother, who was killed in a car accident. Back when he was preparing for his debut, his older brother went missing but his parents, trying not to make Sung Mo concerned, hid the fact from him. One day he saw his brother in a dream and called his parents. He then learned that his brother had gone missing some days ago and had died in a hit and run accident. But whenever Sung Mo now sings the song, he feels a bit closer to his brother. (Source: Allkpop)

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