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Friday, October 19, 2012

As I already stated in the first edition of this series, Epik High has one of the best written lyrics in my K-pop music collection. This time, I'm gonna discuss "Pieces Of You" (feat Jisun)It is a beautiful song with slow rhythm, delicate vocals, powerful instrumental track and wonderful rap sequences. "Pieces Of You" is from Epik High's "Pieces, Part One" album released on 17th of April 2008. The lyrics were written by Tablo and Mithra.

English translation of the lyrics: 

Dedicated to you

Your eyes
are the first mirror of my existence.
I see the reflection of my youth.
I want to be that again for you.
Your twin stars
make the gigantic galaxy
The river flows
in the place of my sadness.
I want to refill your tears in the eyes where I slept and hid.
During that brief time
when you were my world,
Your two hands
Were the first scales of my life
Measuring the lies and truths of the world
My life’s globe
Your teachings were the feathers on my bony wings
Remember the winter where
Both time and our hands froze?
The snowman we made together…
I want to hear the bells we heard in the cold wind.
The times I held your hands to keep them warm.
Your eyes,
Your hands,
I want to look in your eyes forever and hold your hands
I already want to turn back time.

You know I do
I do you love you
Your tired image
Your retreating silhouette
I love you
I do love you
Every little piece of you
Every little piece of you
I love you

I want to touch time and grasp it in my hands,
So that you can be with me,
I want to send it flying.
I want to hold the song of Spring I heard during the joy of my youth.
I really was young…
I want to touch your cheeks.
You cut your life in two
and lived half of it for me.
And with the remaining half of your life,
If you live for me again,
The things that someone as insignificant as myself can do,
The things you want and desire for eternity,
A spirited body,
For ever I accepted it,
Now I want to take back.
Everything you got for me,
You collected, showed it off and counted.
And then for fear of rejection you
Worked harder, became tired of living.
I don't want to be that illness.
Like the dirt stuck on the train of your clothes,
My dark sins fall on your head like snow,
It makes my heart cold,
My breathing becomes difficult.
Another day passes without you,
When dreams come I want to go find you,
I want to follow you,
Matching your footsteps.
I want to live
in our hourglass though not much time is left.
A desert of happiness,
So we can rest there for a long time.
every little piece of you
every little piece of you
every little piece of you
every little piece of you
I love you

You know I do
I do love you
Your tired image
Your retreating silhouette
Your eyes
Your hands
I want to breathe
looking into your eyes forever
I want to turn back time already

(Translation from, all credit to the translator. Click on the link for hangul.)

Brief discussion of the lyrics:

Not being exactly certain about the inspiration behind "Pieces Of You", I've still had the impression that it is about Tablo's childhood memories (thanks to the knowledge of Youtube commentators). But it also might be related to Tablo's book of the same name that handled relationships between a parent and a child. 

The lyrics of the song describe a grown-up son who is remembering his childhood and the admiration and unconditional love he felt towards his father. But years have passed and all that is left are bittersweet memories and the yearning to be able to turn back time. 
What makes these lyrics so emotionally powerful is how relatable they are. They are written in a way that feels so personal (probably because it is). Especially how you can hear the sound of bells accompanying the line "I want to hear the bells we heard in the cold wind" or Tablo's nephew saying "appa, sarang" at the very end. It's these little touches that really get me. 

Needless to say, the song is quite sorrowful. Perhaps even heartbreaking, considering the fact that Tablo's father passed away earlier this year. It just proves once again that the time we have with our loved ones is limited and it's important to make every moment count. 

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