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Friday, October 19, 2012

Block B is one of those rookie groups I'm keeping my eye on. They debuted with "Freeze", which I didn't/don't really care for, but when they released the oh-so-catchy "Nalina" I had to reevaluate them. The boys might be a little out-of-control in their interviews, but perhaps music-wise that kind of reckless image pays off. Because now that "Nillili Mambo", the main track of their album "Blockbuster", is out I can help but replaying the song non-stop. Talk about being catchy.

Just like "Nalina" was "Nillili Mambo" also sticks out from the rest of K-pop songs for it's additcive beat, unique mixture of vocals and rap, and a powerful hip-hop influenced concept. Being a T.O.P fan I really LOVE P.O.-s voice in the chorus part (and he is slowly starting to look like T.O.P too). 
The song may not appeal to all K-pop fans, but those who enjoy hip-hop like I do I think this tune is just right up their alley. It is super catchy, like I said, and fun to sing/dance/headbang along to. 

The lyrics are probably the weakest aspect of "Nillili Mambo" with all of it's silly Engrish (P.O. is "taking it to the next revel" after all), but I'd have to say that it doesn't really matter anyways. The song is supposed to be just  entertaining, it isn't anything else and I don't expect it to be. "Nillili Mambo" is simply a song telling you to let go and have fun - so I'm gonna do just that, with or without the Engrish.

The music video hilarious, both intentionally and unintentionally. Intentionally because it has gangster meets wild west meets pirates-concept, crazy costumes and hair, and slapstick humor. But uninentionally because of the Engrish, the crazy costumes and hair, and the fact that gangsters still use their guns to hit people instead of shooting them. But like everything else about "Nillili Mambo" the music video also is still unconditionally FUN and needs not to be taken too seriously. It is great to see the members sincerely having a good time in the video. And though some of the members are more comfortable with the hip-hop-concept than others, the overall energy is amazing. And though it may seem random, I just want to mention that I like the urban city setting and the edgy colouring of the video. It's very different from the usual K-pop videos. And I like that Block B tries to set itself apart from other boy groups.

The live performances don't lack charisma and energy either. And additionally we get to see the choreography, which, while it isn't as distinctive as "Nalina"s, is very fitting to the beat of the song. It's actually a blast to see the boys perform with such enthusiasm (especially Zico). I really appreciate that and I think their fans willl too.

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  1. Actually if you disregard the english mispronunciation in certain parts the korean lyrics are great. They're witty esp the punch lines in the raps and they flow really well with the beat. The lyrics are in fact a lot better then the majority of k-idol songs tbh ^^

    1. I agree, the Korean lyrics aren't bad at all and I respect that Zico wrote them. The rapping is great and I'm sure the lyrics are better than some other K-pop songs, I just can't say that they are very exceptional. The Engrish is what bothers me, like I mentioned above, but it doesn't affect my love for the song in general.


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