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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm no ELF, not even close. Super Junior's overwhelming success has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I do get that they are good-looking, dance really well and, as far as I can tell, there are also some decent singers among them. But the thing is that their songs tend to demonstrate the least amount of their vocal ability (it's only thanks to each member's solos that I get a sense of their voices) and sound really similar. Though yes, SuJu's songs easily get stuck in your head. But is it because you want them to or because you have no choice?

However, as I listened to Super Junior's latest release "Spy" I realized that I might actually like this song on my own preference. I like the "Get Smart"-themed background music, the fun and light-sounding chorus and the use of different musical instruments. Plus, the song is catchy without getting stuck in your heard for eternity, which I consider to be a very welcome quality. So yes, I think it's my favourite tune from Super Junior.

The song lyrics are logical and understandable as they describe a guy who's fallen in love with a spy and is chasing her in a sequences of spy movie-like happenings:

The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her Day and night
As if I could catch her, she can’t be caught. Though I stick with her like a shadow
The S. P. Y. that I loved, I chase her Day and night
I become breathless, the moment I aim at her

As I looked for the gold finger, I got into a movie-like chasing
The blockbuster of chasing after chasing as we play with each other, mock at each other
If I closed the long distance with that tail, just stop now and
Now one two one two, Let’s go, go!

(Full lyrics at

The only downside is the Engrish. The English phrases and words scattered around the song are pretty awkwardly pronunciated, such as "highlight" turning into "haai-laai-tu". But the real problem lies with the phrase " Go kick it in the butt! Go kick it in the!". While the rest of the English is actually fitted within the context of the song, then this one is so out of place and weird-sounding that it makes me cringe. Thankfully, this time the Engrish is not that noticeable as let say "I'm ready to bingo" ("Sexy Free & Single") or "because I naughty naughty" ("Mr. Simple").

The music video is nothing out of the ordinary, having pretty much the same concept as every other SuJu video, though with occasional shots of members posing with guns on red background. But I still like it more than many of their others. The main reason being that the boys are not just dressed in a more normal manner, but they are wearing well-fitted suits that look really sharp and sexy. AND at the same time these outfits are modest enough not to distract us from the choreography, which really is the main (if not the only) significant element in the video. 
Speaking of choreography, it's fun, though without those trademark movements like they had in "Mr. Simple" or "Sorry Sorry". But I still enjoyed the dancing as it matched well with the spy-theme and there were still many cool movements that caught my eye. For instance the tilting move at 0:27-0:28 mark, the switching of members at 0:40-0:58, sexy jacket throw at 01:09-01:13, and the dance move at 02:02-02:04
So, as a dance video, the music video does a pretty decent job. And the song distracts me from the lack of creativity of rest of the video.

Yay, Shindong's bowl cut days are over.

And finally, see the live performance here at Inkigayo with the full choreography: 

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  1. I'm not terribly fond of Super Junior, however occasionally I do lose out, and have the urge to Youtube their videos.. catchy, even if it won't ever be love..

    Question: Do you ever find yourself singing along to these Kpop songs, and when it gets to the Engl(r)ish lyrics, you start to sound like a Korean-speaker/singer? Not that I do that.. ever.. :P

    1. I have pretty much the same relationship with SuJu :D

      Umm..when I sing along to K-pop I often sing in that exact same Engrish, with whatever horrible accent it has. It's stupid I know, but I just can't help it.

  2. Super Junior was the group that brought me into K-Pop which in turn brought me into all other things Korean and, on a larger scale, Asian related so I hold a soft spot for them. I actually like this song as it seems different than their other songs though I feel like it is two songs merged into one with the cutesy verses mixed in with the more spy leaning sound of the rest of the song. I actually like the music video which surprises me since it is pretty much like all other SM videos in that they are dancing in a room (on a side note, can SM please STOP putting their artists in a room? I think they can afford for different sets and an actual storyline.)

    And the Engrish...oh the Engrish. I honestly didn't even notice the Engrish until I watched Eat Your Kimchi's review of the music video and I was just like WHAT?! I'm used to bad Engrish in a song, but that is a bit much. Bad images come through my mind when the "Go Kick it in the Butt" part roles around. OH SM...

    1. The reason why I liked this song was also because it sounded different from their usual style. It feels more light and fun.
      Agree with you on SM being very uncreative with Super Junior videos. I do like to see the choreography, but they could also try to have a music video with a story. SM seems really lazy with that.
      The Engrish really is awful, but like I said it's not as glaring as the Engrish in some of their other songs. However, "Go kick it in the butt" is one of the most random and silly lines I've heard in K-pop in a while.


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