Kim Min Jong & Yoon Jin Yi and Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy for High Cut

Friday, August 17, 2012

The latest issue of High Cut brings together two adorable on-screen couples from two hit dramas. While A Gentleman's Dignity's Kim Min Jong and Yoon Jin Yi cosily cuddle up indoors, Dream High's Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy spend some quality time hiking outdoors. 

Kim Min Jong & Yoon Jin Yi:

 Kim Soo Hyun & Suzy:

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  1. he's Kim Min Jong not Lee Min Yong... XDD

    1. Of course he is :D Silly me. That's what happens when you copy-paste an actors name from a random site just because you keep forgetting his name and want to make things easier for yourself. Thanks for correcting me.

    2. It's OK dear since KMJ was not that popular till he starred in the 'A Gentleman's Dignity' recently. Young generation (LOL!) like us seems to be unaware the existence of such a good actor cum singer like him hence we tend to forget his name..=P

      But if you ask me, I'm his fan since few years back! LOL Couldn't get enough of his acting and songs and keep on wondering on why he didn't deserve the highlight the same went to his long-time friend, Jang Dong Gun. lol (Imo, he's way good-looking than JDG....if we talk and compare in terms of appearance in mean XD)

      His era seems to be faded away I guess..haha Cuz he once labelled 'Champion Machine' during his time resulted from every released albums by him would end up at #1 each time. Now is the era for idols~! XDD

      lOVE YOUR BLOG, DEAR~! *hugs*

    3. typo - 'in mean' supposed to be 'I mean'. lol

    4. I guess it's true that non-native drama-watchers like me have much less knowledge about the older generation actors/actresses. Mostly because the works of idols and younger stars are clearly more accessible for international fans. It's a little sad since I should educate myself more about the older generation to appreciate the drama industry today.
      In terms of appearances I think both KMJ and JDG both have their own charm, but I guess KMJ has more classical facial features that generally appeal to people.

      Thanks :)*hugs back*

  2. i like kim min jong and yoon jin yi couple


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